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Q: Should you use bleached or unbleached flour for banana bread?
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Does bleached flour effect bread baking as opposed to unbleached flour?

No, they work the same when baking.

Can you use bleached enriched flour for baking banana walnut bread?


Is unbleached wheat flour bad for you?

No. It is better for you because it is the natural flour that has not been bleached whiter. I always use unbleached wheat flour and it is good for all baking. If you are baking white bread you need to use strong unbleached wheat flour.

Is bakers flour the same as unbleached flour?

The term "bakers flour" can apply to any flour used to make bread. It can indicate bread flour or high-gluten flour made from hard wheat, bleached or unbleached, but the use of the term seems to vary in different regions and countries.

Can you use cake flour or all purpose flour instead of unbleached flour?

Most unbleached flour is all-purpose flour that has not been treated with chemicals to increase its whiteness. So bleached all-purpose flour can be substituted for unbleached all purpose flour if that type of processing is not a concern. Whether or not cake flour should be used depends on what is being baked. Cake flour is not recommended when baking bread.

What is the difference between bleached and unbleached all purpose flour?

Unbleached is exactly that - they don't whiten it. This is preferable for people concerned with chemicals in their food and for people who are concerned about the environment. As far as the cooking results - the food will be the same flavor, but for some things like bread, the color will be closer to brown.

Can you make banana bread without unripe bananas?

The bananas should be over ripe for banana bread - not unripe.

What can you substitute for a banana in banana bread?

anything but if it doesn't have bananas in it, it is no longer a banana bread

Can dogs die from banana bread batter?

A dog will not die from ingesting a small to moderate amount of banana bread batter. It should not be encouraged, however.

Are banana safe to cook bread with if there is mold on the skin?

If there is no mold on the banana inside fruit, it should be okay.

What is flour usually made from?

Flour is usually made from wheat either bleached or unbleached. This is the kind of flour that makes bread. There is also corn flour used to make tortillas and chips and rice flour that is popular in Asian cultures mostly.

What is banana bread used for?

Eating. ANY kind of bread is for eating. Banana bread is a treat.

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