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i think any time u want. just dun wait until the last minute coz then they wont take u seriously but ya i think a few years is ok. just to be careful

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Q: Should you wait until your senior year in high school to apply for scholarships or can you start years earlier say middle school or grade school?
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Can you get scholarships in middle school?

Yes, just type "scholarships for 13 year olds " and you are surely to get something.

What time is lunch in a Chinese primary school?

Earlier than Middle school stupid:-?

What new scholarships are there now?

There are thousands of scholarships out there. To find out what scholarships are being offered and how much money they are, you can check for local scholarships at your school and for nation- and state-wide scholarships, you should join a scholarship website like or

what scholarships are available to middle school students in washington, dc. my daughter is in the 7th grade and i want to apply early. ?

There are the following scholarships available to you, Marageret Jones Scholarship, Institute for the Academic advancement of Youth, and the Creative Writing Competition. Middle School is too young to apply for most scholarships. Wait until your daughter reaches highschool an start the application process then.

How many scholarships are there and what are the names?

There are scholarships for almost everything. Ask a school counselor if you are a student, they should be able to tell you what ones you can apply for.

Should I apply for financial aid through my school?

Financial aide often includes both loans and scholarships. If you can qualify for scholarships then you should apply for financial aide.

Plan Ahead?

One way for high school students to ensure they will receive scholarships upon graduation is by researching service scholarships. A student should compile a list of service scholarships and their areas of volunteer work. If a student finds a majority of scholarships focus on serving in soup kitchens, then a student should try to do this as much as possible in high school.

Are there any nursing school scholarships I can earn in my senior high school year?

For nursing school scholarships there are some different schools. Some would be:, and also

What is a good site to find scholarships for 2012 seniors?

Yes, there are several sites which offer lists for scholarships for high school seniors . or ... Scholarships High School Scholarships.

How To Find Nursing Scholarships?

There are many nursing scholarships available for students. To find these scholarships, students should first contact the school and see what scholarships they offer. Next, they can contact the financial aid office and see if they qualify for need-based scholarships. They should also seek outside scholarships from private individuals or organizations; these can often be found online or through local colleges. These can all help offset a nursing education and let the student focus on school instead of money.

Should middle school be capitalized in Stanford middle school?

Yes because it is a particular school.

Are there scholarships available for middle school students?

Yes!! There are several options for scholarships for children under the age of 13, here is a link to one This next link is for arts and writing, that seems to be a popular field for younger scholarships.