Should you wear flippers while swimming?


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Flippers/Fins are a swimming training tool. If you are not training or practicing swimming, you should not wear them.


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Swimmers can wear fins/flippers, and paddles to assist in speed.

No. No need to wear jock straps during any form of swimming, normal swimming trunks will suffice

The clothing you would wear while swimming is the definition of swimming out.

You can wear water shoes to hide your toes while you are swimming.

flippers.. or shave your body hairwell what if your not allowed to wear flippers?

No, when you are swimming, you do not wear a bra. However, if you would feel more comfortable, many swimming costumes, bikinis and tankinis come with a built-in bra

I think that they don't well maybe there's a reason, like, have you ever seen one in the water? I haven't. So what do you think that the answer could really be? I think that you should go with my answer I always get straight A's!

Wet suit, oxygen tank and mask, flippers would help.

Swimming during your period is fine as long as you wear a tampon which should be changed before and after you go swimming

Men wear swimming trunks/ shorts when swimming.

If there is no swimming involved, I would wear something semi-casual. A short, simple, black dress would be perfect.

So their junk doesnt hang out.

Flippers, as in what divers could wear, or what some marine creatures have, is a plural version of the noun Flipper.

the covering you wear on your hair while swimming is called 'un bonnet de bain' in French.

No...you have to wear a tampon while swimming on your period, or do not swim at all.

No, however they can, like us, get tired from swimming, which is why dogs should wear dog life jackets whenever swimming.

The flippers help divers move at greater speeds and force and is less taxing on the diver.

yes you can wear undies while swimming. We prefer you not to though. It might be kind of embarrassing if you're friends see you're Hello Kitty boxers under yo pants man. What kind of question was THAT?

Yeah, you can wear a pad while swimming. But I recommend wearing two bikini bottoms, because your underwear will become more loose in the water. So just wear two tight bikini bottoms, and board shorts. Then you're set :)

they usually wear swimming trunks, a swimming cap and a pair of goggles.

There are a few reasons to wear goggles while swimming. The most important reason is to keep the chlorine in the water from bothering your eyes. The other reason is so that you can keep your eyes open and you can see where you are going.

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