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yes so everyone knows who you are

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Q: Should you wear soccer uniforms to practice?
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Why you should not wear uniforms?

We should where uniforms as it is an identity and it looks nice

Should students have to wear uniforms?

I think students should have to wear uniforms, so parents and kids wouldn't have to worry about what they are wearing!!!! Dah!!!

What is a good introduction for not wearing school uniforms?

We should not wear uniforms because...

Tell me a paragraph about why students should wear school uniforms?

Students should be made to wear school uniforms for a few different reason. Every school should have uniforms so that all students are wearing the same thing and can be bullied for that they wear.

Are managers should not wear uniforms?

Managers SHOULD wear uniform or they look unprofessional.

What you should wear at soccer class?

In soccer, you should have the following:WaterDepending on how long the practice/class/ or game is, bring enough water accordingly.Comfortable Clothing/UniformAt a soccer practice, it is acceptable to wear comfortable clothing. (T-Shirt, shorts) At a game, you must wear your team colors (away or home.GearIt is vital to wear shin guards underneath knee length socks. Soccer cleats and ankle guards are also a requirement.Don't WearDo not wear obtrusive jewelry or hair pieces that are plastic or metal. Cloth hairbands and hair ties are recommended.

Should you wear school uniforms yes or no?


Should teacher wear uniform?

Yes because we have to and they are going to school

Should children be allowed to wear uniforms to school?

Why should kids wear school uniforms they can't be happy if they wear something somone elss likes and they don't I want no uniforme's and to make clothes they want to

Should students be allowed to wear uniforms?

NO because student cant wear what they want

Why should students wear uniforms at there schools?

Because they are told to

Should kids wear uniforms in North Carolina?

They should not have to because it is mean