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In a Curly pony tail!!

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Q: Should you wear your hair straight or curly for the first day of school?
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What makes straight hair curly and curly hair frizzy?

I can answer the first part...What makes your straight hair curly is severl things one sleping on it or with your hair in a bun or ponytail. Second water can make you hair curly again or steam.. :)

How should i get my hair for the first day of school?

Well i think if you have curly hair, leave it like that, maybe even curl it a bit more, if you have straight hair leave it straight with maybe a french braid for your bangs (or front of your hair) Keep it simple, so people can see the real you!

Which is prettier curly hair or straight hair?

Well, If your hair is curly some people like a change but some people don't but like I was saying if your hair is curly some days when you have time you could straighten it or if your hair is straight some days when have time you could curl it.

How can you keep your hair straight if you have curly hair?

I have curly hair, i just blow dry it straight or use straighteners after a wile my hair gave up going curly and is now just naturally straight You first dry it off with a blow drier, using a round brush. After that you use a hair iron to get it straight. And feel free to use hair spray after getting it straight to keep it that way a little longer. If this doesn't help.. go to a hair salon.. They'll know what to do :) I'd eat liver for curly hair. Please learn to love it.

How do you straighten your hair if it is curly?

First, wet your hair completely. Next, use a roll brush and hairdryer to get it mostly straight. Finally, use a straightener on a low setting. I feel your pain; I have curly hair too!

How do you have your hair on the first day of school?

I have long curly hair and I wore it down with my bangs pinned to the side

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When poodles are first born their fur is straight to wavy. As they get older their fur or hair will become curlier.

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How can you french braid short thick curly hair?

First, you should let your hair grow longer. :D

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