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deltoids are the back shoulder muscles and trapezoids are the muscles around the shoulder/neck/back area

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Q: Shoulder muscles are called
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What is your shoulder muscle called?

There are multiple shoulder muscles. They're called the deltoid muscles and consist of anterior which is in the front, lateral which is on the side and posterior which goes behind. All three enclose the shoulder joint.

What are the muscles in your arm called that are commonly excepted as muscles?

There are 23 in each arm. that's not including shoulder or hands.

Are shoulders muscles?

deltoids are the back shoulder muscles and trapezoids are the muscles around the shoulder/neck/back area

What muscles do shoulder press work?

The shoulder press works the upper body muscles such as the deltoids and the triceps. The shoulder press also involves the core muscles.

What do the shoulder muscles do?

the shoulder muscle extends the arm

What is the difference between the shoulder joint and the shoulder girdle joint?

The muscles of the shoulder joint attach at the humerus, whereas the shoulder girdle joint muscles attach at the scapula.

Which muscles cause shoulder extension?

The muscles which produce shoulder extension are: Latissimus Dosi & Pectoralis Major.

Why do you do streches in sport?

to stretch out your muscles. muscles like your leg muscles and shoulder muscles.

What muscles concentrically contract to horizontally flex the shoulder?

The muscles that horizontally flex the shoulder are the Pectoralis Major and the coracobrachialis.

What muscles are used for shoulder press?

Any muscles in your arms.

Which muscles are used in a golf swing?

All Of Your Arm Muscles, Leg Muscles, And Shoulder Muscles.

What two muscles are the shoulder adductors?

There are actually four muscles which make up the shoulder adductors. These muscles include the Pectoralis Major, Coracobrachialis, Latissimus Dorsi, and Teres Major.

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