Shsat summer discovery program

Updated: 10/10/2023
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The program is for New York City schools and a limited number of applicants/testers area accepted. You have to score between 478-558. They only accept about 6,000 students, each year there are about 20,000 testers/applicants. You have to score extremely high (around the 99th percentile) to get into the school of your choice.

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Q: Shsat summer discovery program
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How hard is the Bronx science placement exam?

the SHSAT is hard, but if you study long and hard, or enter a tutoring program such as Princeton Review, you should get in. I know I did.

When will your SHSAT results come out?


What SHSAT scores got into Stuyvesant in 2010?


Where do you find SAT practice tests?

department of ed ------- some JR high-schools are doing it for their 7th grade students over the summer for next year's SHSAT test. if your school doesn't have a program like that, recommend it to the principal. (: it'll be a big help to the people taking the SHSAT test! *Wishing goodluck to everyone taking the SHSAT test! ^-^

Who created the ny state shsat test?

My mom :D

Do you have to take the SHSAT for LaGuardia High School?

You have to audition for LaGuardia to get on to it.

How long does it take to get the shsat results?

The DOE has made it clear starting from 2012, that all SHSAT results will be handed to the student on February 28, 2012. Your schools will be the first to receive the results.

Can Brooklyn tech deny your entry into the school after you passed the shsat?

theres no such thing as passing the shsat. Its about getting past the cut line of the school you want to go to, which, in this case is Brooklyn tech. The cutoff for 2009 was around 480, so if you received a score higher, then congratulations! The shsat has no biased entry system, so if you believe that you have been cheated of your entry, call the DOE.

Does the Kumon tutoring program help with SHSAT prep?

Nope. Kumon is a program designed to make you repetitively learn mathematics and English. In other words, they drill you. The shsat is a thinking test, not a test of the same questions. Therefore, you need to learn, in your math, how to think in different ways. As a rule of thumb, your math should be at psat level, and your English varies. For scrambled paragraphs, make your own essays, and figure out why they flow to the next sentence. As for your logical reasoning, who said studying cant be fun? And as for your reading, go to the library. Good luck!

Do you have to pay to take the specialized high school test?

To take the SHSAT is free of charge.

What score do you have to got in the shsat to get in to Bronx science high school?

The lowest you can get is about 510 but not less

When do you get back the SHSAT scores?

the school gives you a paper telling you if you passed or failed early February