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Side effects of cervical ct scan?

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Side effect of cervical ct scan?

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Side effects from ct scan dye inflitration?

if you're allergic to iodine, you'll probably have an allergic reaction

Does ct scan cause back pain What are some of the symptoms after a ct scan?

Generally speaking you should not suffer any pain or side effects from having a CT scan. However in some cases you may feel a slight dull ache, if the symptoms persist after 7 days consult your GP.

Can you have a cat scan with stents in your heart?

Yes you can. CT scan uses x-ray, which has no effects on stents.

Is heart scan same as the CT scan?

A "heart scan" may be done using a CT scan, but a CT scan is not a heart scan.

Computerized x-ray imaging of the cervical lymph nodes and the thoracic cavity in the transverse plane?

CT scan

What is biphasic ct scan?

indication of biphasic CT scan

What do you avoid after a CT scan?

There are no restrictions after a plain CT scan.

Can you smoke before a ct scan?

Can I smoke before ct scan

Can you see an ulcer on a CT scan?

No, you cannot see an ulcer on a ct scan.

How much does a cardiac ct scan cost?

CT scan for heart in atlanta area.

What does CT scan stand for?

cat scan

What's the difference between CT scan?

Why does CT require a prep, and CAT scan does not.?Answer this question...

Is it possible to take ct scan of a child's brain?

Yes, it is possible to CT scan a child.

How do you say CT scan in Spanish?

I looked your question up on google translate and CT scan is "Tomografia computarizada" but just CT is "CT" english to spanish

What side effects can computed tomography scans have?

Radiation exposure from a CT scan is similar to, though higher than, that of a conventional x ray. Although this is a risk to pregnant women, the exposure to other adults is minimal and should produce no effects.

Which CT scan is suitable for brain scan?


Preparation for a ct scan abdomen?

should you eat before having a ct scan of the chest and abdomen

Is a CT scan required for depressed patient?

No, a CT scan will show nothing useful in the diagnosis of depression.

What is ct scan without contrast?

A CT scan without contrast means no dye will be used for the exam.

What is the difference between a ct head scan and a ct sinus scan?

A head scan looks primarily at the brain and a sinus scan looks only at the sinuses in the face region.

What are the side effects of ct scan on 6 months old baby?

I wonder that also. My 4 months old fell on his head and the doctors said it's our decision if we want a cat scan. They said he looks ok, but they can never be 100% sure, but studies have showed that babies that had a cat scan at a very young age are more likely to develop cancer?! Weird. I am looking online and can't find any side effects though. It says CTs are safe. We decided against the cat scan.

What is involved in a sinus cat scan and why can't I eat?

With a CAT scan or CT scan. Physicians will inject an intravenous contrast dye that will help to improve the quaility of images that develop. Some of the side-effects of the dye are: nausea and discomfort and in certain cases severe allergic reactions. It is recommended that patients do not eat before a CT scan to reduce the possible risk of feelings of nausea turning into a bout of vomiting. If you vomit while lying on your back for the scan, you may aspirate some of your stomach contents and possibly develop pneumonia.

What is a CT pulmonary scan?

A CT pulmonary scan is a cat scan of the lungs, looking at radiologic images of the lungs in detail, in small "slices" of images.

What MRI can do that CT scan cannot?

A MRI shows muscles and ligaments in greater detail than a CT scan.

What medications should not be taken after a Contrast CT Scan?

There are no generally contraindicated medications after a contrast enhanced Ct Scan.