Side effects of taking trazodone and hydrocodone together?

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Lots of sleep and maybe death, talk to your doctor.
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What are the side effects of taking Ativan and hydrocodone together?

Answer . Ativan (lorazepam) is an anti-anxiety medication. Hydrocodone is a narcotic analgesic (pain-reliever) and an anti-tussive (cough suppressant). Both medications are

Can you take Celexa and trazodone together?

Combining celexa and trazadone can increase the risk of a rare but serious condition called the serotonin syndrome, which may include symptoms such as confusion, hallucination

What are the side effects of trazodone?

Trazodone is an antidepressant with many possible side effects. Minor ones include weight gain, weight loss, dry mouth, blurred vision, red eyes, and tinnitus. More severe sid

Can you take oxycodone and trazodone together?

Depends on your tolerance but I snort 3 (15mg each) oxycodone pills and wait a hour then take 2 (50mg each) trazodones. I sleep extremely well with the two mixed but as I said

What is the side effect of taking lunesta with hydrocodone?

Taken together, there might be additional central nervous system and respiratory system depression, which could be bad. I personally think that the combination is quite enjoya

Can you take Adderall and trazodone together?

\nwell, you can, but seeing how adderall is a stimulant and trazadone is a sleeping pill, they wouldn't work if you took them at the same time. And why would you want to? But

Can you take methocarbamol and trazodone together?

No drug to drug interactions have been found. always use caution and report any unusual symptoms to your MD. If your MD prescribed these together chances are they know what w

Can you take Cymbalta and trazodone together?

Yes, There is interaction between these two drugs, you can takethese two drugs but not at one time. for complete understandingabout these medicine, consult your healthcare pro

Can you take flexeril and trazodone together?

It may cause Serotonin Syndrome. Its unlikely, but some people are more susceptible to it than others. Serotonin syndrome is a potentially life-threatening condition associa
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Can you take trazodone and temazepam together?

Yes. I have the same medication and my doctor told me to take the trazodone first and if it doesn't work in 30min then also take the temazepam.
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Can you take trazodone and Ambien together?

I would like to know myself. my 78 year old mother was on trazodone taking 100 mgs and still can't sleep. She is so exhausted and tired during the day and has no energy and is
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What are the side effects from taking diazepam and hydrocodone together?

Valium (Diazepam) is a benzodiazepine mixed with Vicodin (Hydrocodone/Acetaminophen) an analgesic will cause both additive central nervous system and respiratory system depr