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Q: Similarities and differences between tourism and recreation?
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What are similarities and differences between tourism and leisure?

Tourism focus on one's place recreational potential for the tourists like festivals, and great parks while Leisure generally defines all kinds of recreational activities including some of tourists favorites during their stay in a foreign place.

What are the similarities between Florida and California's tourism?

Florida is not traveles in by tourists

Differentiate tourism from recreation from migration?

Migrations means to stay while recreation is just to travel.

What has the author Paul F Wilkinson written?

Paul F. Wilkinson has written: 'Tourism policy and planning' -- subject(s): Tourism, Government policy 'Integrated play environments for children' -- subject(s): Recreation areas and people with disabilities, Recreation, Recreational surveys, Play environments, Children with disabilities 'Tourism in island microstates' -- subject(s): Bibliography, Tourism, Islands 'Environmental impact of outdoor recreation and tourism' -- subject(s): Bibliography, Environmental aspects, Environmental aspects of Outdoor recreation, Outdoor recreation

What are the differences between tourist product and tourism product?

There is no difference, the only this that is different is the name .

What are the differences between geotourism and ecotourism?

hellow please tell me different between geo hiking and geo tourism

What are the main economic activities in Canada?

resource exploitation, tourism, and recreation.

WHY are sports and tourism considered as major recreation service components?


Which ecozones list tourism or recreation as a major human activity?


What are the eight components of tourism?

Transportation Food and Beverages Events travel services accomodations attractions Adventure Tourism and outdoor Recreation Tourism services

What has the author Clare A Gunn written?

Clare A. Gunn has written: 'Cultural benefits from metropolitan river recreation--San Antonio prototype' 'Tourism potential - aided by computer cartography' -- subject(s): Automation, Cartography, Data processing, Tourism 'Southern Ontario' -- subject(s): Recreation areas, Planning, Tourism 'Vacationscape' -- subject(s): Recreation areas, Tourism, Design, Architectural design, Tourist trade

What is the difference between recreation and tourism?

Recreation is when you do something for fun like football or baseball.Tourism is when you visit or go to another place besides where you live.Or you go to another place for fun.or vacation.hoped that helped and if it didnt look it up in a dictionary.=) Recreation is the activities undertaken during leisure time and have no restrictions e.g traveling and the time limit.while, tourism is the activity of a person traveling to and staying in places outside their usual environment for not more than one consecutive year.

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