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A Ladder.

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Q: Simple machine a carpenter uses to get on a roof?
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A machine that uses only one movement is a?

A simple machine.

Which simple machine uses a fulcrum?


What are the uses of a simple machine?

Doing work.

What are the things in your homes that uses simple machine and what are the simple machine?

they are very simple and their is like so many things that fit in your home.

Is a windmill a complex machine?

No, simple machine. It uses the spinning shaft to revolve a gear which powers a generator. Very simple.

Is a bicycle a simple machine if it is how is it a simple machine?

Not the whole part of the bike but the pedals are levers a kind of simple machine it uses the levers to apply force to the sprocket sprocket is a wheel and axle ,another simple machine,that uses gears to move the chain.

What tools do a maintenance carpenter use?

a carpenter uses a condom a carpenter uses a condom

What is the earliest records of simple machine uses?

what is the earliest recorded uses of somple machines

What complex machine uses primarily human force to operate the simple machines within it?

When a human uses a complex machine it helps him or her.

Which is not a simple machine A wedge B screw C lever D fulcrum?

An electric motor is not a simple machine, because it uses electric energy, which is not mechanical energy, which powers simple machines.

A scientific explanation for a simple machine?

A simple machine is a machine which does not use a motor and does not consist of more than one simple machine. There are six types of simple machines. Wheel and axle, pulley, inclined plane, lever, screw, and wedge. A complex machine uses a motor, and a compound is made up of one or more simple machines.

What does a cookie jar use a simple machine?

A cookie jar uses a screw.