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Possessive Nouns

Singular possessive noun?


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February 23, 2015 10:19PM

Examples of singular possessive nouns are:

  1. The apple's color was bright green
  2. What is the baby's name?
  3. A child's coat hung by the door.
  4. The dentist's office was crowded.
  5. There is a crack in the egg's shell.
  6. Frank's mother will pick us up.
  7. I made it from my grandma's recipe.
  8. You are an angel, one of heaven's own.
  9. The ice's surface is smoothed by machine.
  10. You can get a bucket from the janitor's closet.
  11. The kite's string was tangled in a tree.
  12. I found a lady's watch in the rest room.
  13. This is a map of the marathon's route.
  14. Our neighbor's garden is an asset to our street.
  15. We enjoyed the solo by the opera's star performer.
  16. The pancake's size was larger than the plate.
  17. Your question's answer is on page twenty-two.
  18. Tourism supports the region's economy.
  19. We've planned a picnic to celebrate the summer's end.
  20. He's limping due to his toe's injury.
  21. We worked at my uncle's farm during our vacation.
  22. Victor's grades have improved.
  23. The cabin is near the water's edge.
  24. He studied the x-ray's image carefully.
  25. The New Year's party was such fun.
  26. The parking lot near the zoo's entrance was full.