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Gerrman: Schwägerin

Italian: cognata

Icelandic: mágkona

Portuguese: cunhada

French: belle-soeur

Dutch: schoonzus; schoonzuster; zwaagster

Swedish: svägerska

Spanish: cuñada

Hungarian: sogornő

Romanian: cumnată

Czech: švagrova

Latin: affinis

Turkish: yenge

Polish: szwagierke

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Sister, hermana, 姐妹, zuster, soeur, schwester, αδελφή, sorella, 姉妹, 자매, irmã, сестра, أخت, germana, sestra, søster, kapatid na babae, sisko, אחות, बहन, saudara perempuan, māsa, sesuo, siostra, soră, syster, chị, em gái, chwaer...

That's not quite 100, but that's all I could find.

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The word 'sister' exists in many languages. If you want to say it in Italian, you use the word 'sorelle'; in Spanish, 'Hermana'; in French, 'soeurs'; in Portuguese, 'irmas'; in Japanese, if you want to say 'older sister', you use 'ane'; and if you want to say 'younger sister', you say 'imouto'; and, in German, it's 'schwester'.

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Q: Sister-in-law in different languages
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