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Skills needed to be a chef?


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culinary arts school..culinary math and

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Chefs need cooking skills so they can cook well

A chef needs patience, and has to know how to hold a knife.

you need clothes that involve a chef you need clothes that involve a chef that is good

A chef or cook who is able to work any station in the kitchen when needed.

A specific college degree is not needed for chef training. You can apprentice under a qualified chef and take training at many of the accredited culinary schools around the world.

A chef who is like an assistant but has the same skills as the actual chef. Like 2 chefs but one is helping the main cook.

cooking skills maybe maths to measure out the stuff

Every chef has a different income. It depends on the restaurant or there cooking skills. An average chef probably makes around 200,000.

nutrition , chemicals , and food tastes

what is the minimum education needed to become a chef? The minimum education you need to become a chef is an associates degree in culinary arts.

you need to have a high school degree to become a chef. it would be the best! ;]

The main personal trait that is needed in order to become a pastry chef is mainly creativity,and if the chef contains this then there is no stopping on the ideas n new recipes to come

The following skills, traits and other requirements are necessary for success as an executive chef:An education in the culinary arts.Experience in a kitchen environment.Human resource management skills, including the ability to recruit and train employees.Financial management skills, such as accounting.Time management skillsCommunication skillsLeadership skills

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You Can tell by How he/she by how the food tastes, & how he/she skills are in the kitchen.

Dwight Eisenhower was noted for his cooking skills.

5 things a chef sould no to be sucessful:.math skills.artistic skills become useful.organization.multi-tasking.staying calm in tough situations is also important

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The top 3 skills needed for an account assistant are organization, attention to detail, and communication skills. Other skills needed are computer skills and math skills.

Skills needed for a career in Finance include strong mathematical ability and analysis skills. Some soft skills that are useful include organization skills and communication skills.

One of the most important things to have is a love of cooking. Math skills and a keen sense of smell and taste will help you go far. There are other things a good chef has, such as knife skills and organization that are earned through experience and practice. Last but definitely not least is a willingness to learn.

The skills that are needed is nothing and get out the house off ur computer :D

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