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you have to give more spotting when? around period?before period what?

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Q: Slight spotting could I be expecting?
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Could you be pregnant if you have slight spotting two days before your period is due?

Yes. Implantation bleeding (which is what the spotting could be) often occurs around when your period is meant to be

Is there a such thing as ovalution bleeding?

YES. Very occasionally ovulation bleeding or Mittelmerz is seen as a slight bleeding through Vagina.(Slight Spotting.)

If you have taken two neg test no spotting but had a slight pink discharge once now nothing could you be pregnant?

Everyone is can still bleed during pregnancy

Can spotting before your period be a sign of pregnancy?

Yes spotting can be a early sign of pregnancy it is cause from the egg implanting into the uterus causing some slight bleeding.

Your period is due next week and you have a brown spotting and slight cramps your nipples are hard and tender is it possible that you are pregnant?

Possibly. Brown spotting can be implantation bleeding. Although spotting and slight cramps as well as tender breasts can be the onset of your period or PMS. If you miss your period then do a pregnancy test. The only thing you can do for now is wait.

Could you be pregnant 4 days of spotting 1 day bleed then spotting for the next 3days?

If you had unprotected sex, yes you could be pregnant even with the spotting.

What does it mean when you don't have your period for two months and then start spotting?

There could be a number of issues. If you are taking birth control it is possible this has stopped your period but may cause slight spotting at times. If you are not taking a birth control that may stop your period you should see a doctor right away.

If you skip your period by skipping the sugar pills and starting a new pack will there be slight bleeding andf spotting still?

It depends on your body. I always have some spotting when I skip the sugar pills.

Why would one be spotting during pregnancy?

The most common causes of slight spotting during pregnancy are implantation bleeding, miscarriage, ectopic pregnancy, placenta previa, and placental abruption.

What is The fore water sac?

I've had 3 miscarriage. I'm 3 weeks pregnant & I started spotting an having slight pains in my back and stomach.What could be some of the reason for this to keep happening? == ==

Does it cause bleeding ectopic pregnancy?

yes it can and probably will i had an ectopic in July i had spotting only slight bleeding in pregnancy could be for a number of reasons ans ectopic preg is rare good luck

If you have a 26-day cycle and had your period from the 2nd to the 6th and then had spotting on the 11th and the 20th what could this be?

The spotting could be from ovulation.

Is spotting part of your period?

It could be ovulation spotting, a light period or implantation bleeding

You have light spotting instead of a period what is it?

If u have light spotting instead of my period what could it be?

Do ultrasounds give you spotting?

If it was a vaginal ultrasound then yes it could give you some spotting.

Could spotting be the cause of something else besides pregnancy?

Spotting does not cause pregnancy. I assume you mean "does spotting indicate anything other than pregnancy?" The answer to this is, of course, yes. Spotting could indicate spotting. It's probably you period being finicky, or something along those lines.

My period is a month late and i keep spotting its like 2 days on 3 days off spotting this has been going on for about a week and a half could i be pregnant?

Could be, but your spotting could also be your period. Go get a test to see if you are pregnant.

Is spotting before period normal?

Depending on when you're spotting and how much you're spotting. It could just be from ovulation or hormone fluctuations, or it could be a sign of infection or even pregnancy. But it's not generally normal.

If you had spotting food aversion lower back pain a mood swing slight cramping heartburn darker nipples and slight headaches does that mean you are pregnant?

no, it means you have food poisoning and dark nipples

Test show not pregnant No period 2 weeks after and started spotting brown color Are you pregnant?

Possibly, yes. Even when used properly, not every hpt is 100% reliable. The brown spotting could be due to a pregnancy implanting itself in the womb, and the colour of the spotting could mean that the weight of the pregnancy is putting slight pressure on the cervix, dislodging any old blood that is laying around up there. Please visit someone who specialises in this area and get yourself a definitive answer.

Im not sure if im pregnant im 16 days late for your period though but you did get spotting for a day and now you think you got your period but could it still be spotting?

Yes it could be spotting, it sounds like you could be pregnate, i would test

What does it mean when you have one day of slight spotting ten days after period?

If the 10 days is after your last day of your period: If you have had unprotected intercourse it could be implantation bleeding. You could take a pregnancy test. If it is negative and you don't get your period within a week, retake the test.

Can brown spotting be your period?

Yes it could be.

What does it mean if you are spotting?

Spotting is what happens when just a little of the menstrual blood comes out in the middle of your cycle(when you're not expecting a period at all) or it is a sign that your normal flow is about to begin. Spotting is usually light in color, and doesn't require a hefty sized napkin to clean up. But I am on birth control and I am actually expecting to be on my period and it is very light in color and only lasted for one day. is there something wrong? Am i pregnant? I shouldn't be, or is it not healthy for me to take this birth control anymore?

Could you be pregnant if you have brown spotting and then get a light period for about three days?

Yes, you certianly could be pregnant. Around 6-12 after concieving you might have what is called implantation bleeding, which is when the embryo implants into the uterus causing slight bleeding that is usually lighter, shorter, and discolored.