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Q: Sliver sulfide forms when silver and sulfur S8 react?
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What is the equation of silver sulfide forms when silver and sulfur react?

The molecular formula for Silver sulfide is Ag2S

When silver metal comes in contact with sulfur silver sulfide forms and the silver appears darker what is this?

it is a chemical change

What is the rusting of silver?

When silver is combined with sulfur, it forms a layer of black silver sulfide. Being exposed to air and sulfur will cause any type of silver to tarnish.

Is sulfur sulfide?

No, sulfur sulfide is not a compound. However, sulfur forms different compounds with various elements. One common example is sulfur dioxide (SO2), which is a gas formed by the combination of sulfur and oxygen.

What does silver and sulfur make?

Silver and sulfur bond to form silver sulfide, or Ag2S. The chemical equation looks like this:2Ag + S -> Ag2SSilver always loses one electron in chemical reactions, giving it a +1 charge. Sulfur, on the other hand, always gains two electrons in chemical reactions, giving it a -2 charge.In order to form a balanced molecule, two silver ions (with a collective charge of +2) bond with a single ion of sulfur (with a charge of -2) to create a molecule with a charge of 0.DID YOU KNOW?Silver sulfide is what makes up the tarnish that forms on silver.

How do you covalently bond aluminum and sulfur?

Reacting aluminium and sulfur forms Al2S3. The reaction produces a lot of heat and forms the colorless aluminium(III) sulfide. This is a covalent compound.

What happens when you heat iron filling and sulfur was new substance formed?

Forms the compound, iron sulfide.

What is the chemical formula for the ionic compound that forms between potassium and sulfur?

This compound is potassium sulfide - K2S.

When sulfur reacts bwith a metal to make an ionic compound it forms?

A sulfide, containing the S2- ion For example react measured amounts of iron and sulfur and heat to form iron(II) sulfide Fe+S -> FeS

Calcium sulfide forms when calcium loses 2 valence electrons to sulfur What type of a bond is formed?


Calcium sulfide forms when calcium loses 2 valence electrons to sulfur what type of bond is formed?

An ionic bond.

Why does Na2S smell?

The smell is similar to the smell of hydrogen sulfide (rotten eggs).