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Earth survival is human being survival so if you are human being

say no to plastic bags !!!

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Q: Slogan for plastic bags
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Say no to plastic bags - slogan?

"The plastic role is critical"

Slogan on say no to plastic bags?

say no to plastic or say no to human life by m.s.modi

How make a paper bag with a slogan on environment?

aviod plastic use paper bags

What is slogan on ban of plastic bags?

Plastic is a foe and a friend.We should not remove plastic from the environment but we should try to use plastic in a limit because if no plastic is there then how are the small children going to play? with wood?

Top ten slogan to save your planet earth?

yes i want top ten slogans to save our planet earth from plastic bags

A slogan for plastic bags eradication?

Do not spoil the Earth It the place where our mother gave birth Plastics are dangerous which spoils the river After some days we will shiver

Why is it good to stop using plastic bags?

plastic bags are harmful for us . plastic bags should be banned . we donot

Are plastic bags better than cloth bags?

No, I don't think plastic bags are better than cloth bags. First, the quality of cloth is better than plastic. Second, cloth bags are more beautiful than plastic bags.

Are plastic bags made from rubber?

No, plastic. Hence the name "plastic" bags.

Are plastic shipping bags still being made?

Plastic shipping bags are still being made. Biodegradable plastic and degradable plastic bags are much friendlier to the environment than just regular plastic bags.

What can plastic bags be recycled into?

What can plastic bags be recycled into?

Difference between plastic bags and paper bags?

plastic bags are made of plastic and paper bags are made of paper :) hope i helped.

How are plastic bags made?

Plastic bags are made from polyurethane and petroleum. The initial making of plastic bags was sometime in the 1950's.

How do you destroy plastic bags?

we can destroy plastic bags by recycling.

What resources are required to make plastic bags?

plastic and bags

What material could plastic shopping bags be replaced with?

plastic bags can be replaced by jute bags ..

Are plastic carry bags recyclable?

Hey dude, from my point of view All plastic carry bags are recyclable, most of the Plastic carry bags manufacturer and supplier companies are produce the biodegradable plastic bags.

Are plastic bags recyclable?

Yes plastic bags are recyclable in stores and at home

Which can support more weight paper or plastic grocery bags?

Paper bags. Because it is made from kraft paper and plastic grocery bags are made from plastic, which kraft paper is stronger than plastic, so paper bags can support more weight.

Why is plastic used to make plastic bags?

Plastic is used to make plastic bags because it is both durable and flexible.

What are plastic bags made of?

Plastic bags are usually made out of plastic bottles or reusable recycled things.

Are plastic bags easier to make than paper bags?

Plastic bags are cheaper and I do believe, easier to make as compared to paper bags.

Where can one purchase plastic zipper bags?

Plastic zipper bags can be purchased at a variety of retail stores. Some stores that carry plastic zipper bags include ULINE, Royal Bag, Amazon, and Buy Plastic Bags Direct.

How can plastic bags be reduced?

Plastic can easily be reduced by using reusable bags.

Can plastic bags be made out of dolphins?

No, if they are PLASTIC bags they cant be made of dolphins