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Smoke comes out of both heads I have a 305 motor?

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Valves are too tight.or seals are damaged.(valve seals)

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Can you use 97 Dodge Neon heads to replace heads on a 98 Dodge Avenger both are 16 valve and DOHC?

yes. they both use the 420a motor.

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Can you put ls1 heads on l98 motor?

yesyou can change just 1 you dont have to change both

How can you determine the year of a Ford Mustang 3.8?

All modern engine blocks and engine motor heads have a code on them. Find the number or code and then find someone who may have a listing for your motor & heads. Check both as people do change things after they obtain them.

Does a 90 mustang 5.0 have the same cam and heads as a 89 bronco 5.0?

yes as long as the motor in both have not been changed to a different size you can look at the top of the moyor and it should say 5.0 on the motor and as long as it does it is the exact same motor

You replaced both heads and gaskets and still blows white smoke and no water in oil?

Replace the valve stems inserts, this should take care of your smoking problems

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White smoke from exhaust when first cranking motor?

White smoke from the exhaust is a symptom of coolant entering the combustion chamber. You either have a blown head gasket or cracked head or both. STOP driving the car until you can have it repaired.

How do you differentiat dc motior and ac motor physicaly?

if you power an ac motor with dc or a dc motor with ac you will likely start smelling smoke and the motor will be damaged. If the motor is marked "3-phase", "shaded pole", or "induction" it is an ac motor! BTW, there are ac/dc motors that will run on both, they are wound very much like dc motors but a bit differently.

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Can you replace a 1990 Toyota pickup motor with a 1992 Toyota pickup motor?

depends on what motor is in both of them are they both 4cyle or 6cyle

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