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Social studies fair topics?

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What are some good topics for a social studies projects for a fair?

Cold war World war 1 & 2 Magna Carta Rennissance period Medeival time period

What is a good 6th grade topic for a social studies fair?

well it depends at what level you are at in social studies you can check in a social studies text book. i would do the geography of a place you are learning about maybe china. it is all about what you like and are interested in. they have this fair for you to gain knowledge about what you are interested in.

Is capital punishment a good social studies fair project?


What is a good conclusion for a social studies fair project?

It depends on the topic.

Social studies fair project?

Midwives and Birth Rates and Local Architecture Patterns are examples of the social studies fair project. The reason why human beings make friends is another great topic.

Is Marco Polo a good social studies fair project?

no it is not a good thing to learn about lol

What is the best science fair topics for science fair?


What is the President Wife or Policy maker?

I would like to know Whats the President Wife Or Policy. I have a Social Studies Fair project i am doing and I really need your help President. I am 5th grader and i will like to pass the Social studies fair project From: Britney Fournillier:) To: President OrachaBama

What are good science fair topics?

life science

What title can you use for your social studies fair project on roller coasters?

may b hurricane twizler? idk I nevr had tht before

What are the latest research topics in accounting?

Fair value accounting

What website would be the best to find math fair topics?

What are good science fair topics for 5th graders?

Evolutionary Psychology

What are good science fair projects?

Decomposition, energy, light, electricity, and photosynthesis are all good science fair topics

Social studies fair ideas?

Think of something unique something that no one would think of like for example how does the holocaust still affect people in Europe today..... :)

Advatages and disadvatages of laissez fair?

Laissez fair is just one of those topics that is vital that is going to demand experienced intervention on

What are good grade 8 science fair topics?

electricity, chemical compounds and acid

Can you use bullying as a social studies fair project?

If yur a fifth grader because im in fifth grade and i'm doing my project on that currently and the project is due on 11/26.

What are some great science fair topics for someone in high school?

There are many great science fair topics for someone in high school. Many would consider physics to be the most fascinating of the sciences, and it has generated a lot of interest in recent years due to the Large Hadron Collider and the Higgs Boson, both of which would make excellent topics.

Science fair project topics?

how many drops of water can a penny hold? topic: crazy penny........

What is the relationship between criminal justice and social justice?

Social justice is a society's ideals about what is and is not fair, and what is and is not right. Criminal justice is part of social justice. It is the means by which a society decides what is and is not fair in relation to the criminal law.

What are good second grade science fair topics?

Basic peg board circuitry; baking soda volcanoes.

What are some good Football science fair topics?

no their isn't so stop looking trust me ive triedd

What are science fair topics should you avoid?

A topic that you do not understand. Or an uncomfortable topic that your judges wouldn't want to here.

What is required on a culture fair board?

A cultural Fair Project Is Mainly done with Social Studies. A Cultural fair requiresContinent that your country is located onThe titleThe MapThe Population (If wanted you can add the Death and Birth RateThe ReligionsThe country official nameThe Current PresidentThe Area SizeThe form of governmentAlso Throw in additional facts to make your project SMARTER