Soldier in German

Updated: 12/17/2022
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Soldier = Soldat

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Q: Soldier in German
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What actors and actresses appeared in German Angst - 2014?

The cast of German Angst - 2014 includes: Artur Brewa as German Soldier Wojtek Chmielewski as German Soldier Daniel Faust as Gottfried Lola Gave as Final Girl Matthan Harris as Jacek Rafal Konkol as German Soldier Kristina Kostiv Bogdan Kozer as German Soldier Denis Lyons as Darren Piotr Malysz as German Soldier Kamil Matusiak as German Soldier Jan Mruk as German Soldier Adam Nieweglowski as German Soldier Andreas Pape as Jens Grzegorz Pawlowicz as German Soldier Pawel Ptaszynski as German Soldier Artur Rozek as German Soldier Grzegorz Sala as German Officer Piotr Solis as German Soldier Annika Strauss as Kasia Wojtek Szymanski as German Soldier Milton Welsh Lucia Wolf as Ewa Mariusz Zolnowski as German Soldier

A German troop was called a?

German Soldier or an Waffen SS Soldier.

How do yo say soldier in German?

Soldier is der Soldat in German.

When was Summer of My German Soldier created?

Summer of My German Soldier was created in 1973.

Who is president during the story summer of your German soldier?

of my german soldier mine yell no

What is the ISBN of Summer of My German Soldier?

The ISBN of Summer of My German Soldier is 0-440-21892.

Who is the antagonist of summer of my German soldier?

The antagonists in the novel "Summer Of My German Soldier" are Patty's parents.

What actors and actresses appeared in The Sorrow of War - 2007?

The cast of The Sorrow of War - 2007 includes: Neil Cuizon as Australian Soldier Aashita Hegde as German Officer Robert Mejica as German Soldier Sakeena Naqvi as German Soldier Kieran Roberts as German Soldier

Who is Edna Louise in Summer of your German Soldier?

Edna is the soldier.

What is the correct name for a German Soldier?

soldier - (der) Soldat

What actors and actresses appeared in Offside - 2001?

The cast of Offside - 2001 includes: John Churchill as German soldier Chris Elwood as Pvt. Bourne Sam McConkey as British Soldier Dominic Muller as German Soldier John Prosky as Sergeant Darren Richardson as Chaplain Dewey Weber as Soldier Sye Williams as German Soldier Patrick Wuebben as German Soldier

When was Paul Adam - German soldier - born?

Paul Adam - German soldier - was born on 1892-03-23.