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Q: Some magazines publish twelve of these every year?
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What are some magazines that publish letters to the editor?

Many magazines publish letters to the editor. Some of the magazines that publish the letters to the editor include Bucknell, The Nation and TeenInk. Many newspapers also publish letters to the editor.

Some magazines publish twelve of these each year?

i am not 100% sure but i think it is... the 3 letters that i know are _ss__s I think the word is "issues".

What magazines publish students writing?

Some magazines that publish student writing include Teen Ink, Stone Soup, and Skipping Stones. These magazines offer opportunities for young writers to showcase their work and reach a wider audience.

What are some well known magazine publishers?

"There are many magazines publishers established and several publish a wide variety of well known magazines. Henry Luce publishes such notable magazines as Life, Time and Fortune."

What are some men's magazines that don't solely objectify women?

There are many men's magazines that objectify women as well as women's magazines that objectify men. Not all men's magazines objectify women. Certain magazines such as Men's Health only publish content that is relevant to males.

Which magazines regularly publish showbiz news?

Many magazines exist solely to report entertainment and show business news. Some of the best known are People and E! Magazine. Other publications such as USA Today, The Sun and the New York Times publish celebrity and entertainment news regularly in the form of daily columns or weekly magazines.

What are some magazines that publish gourmet recipes?

Gourmet recipes are commonly found in food and culinary magazines, although there has been a trend in most magazine to include a foodie section. Some of the most notable magazines are Gourmet, Food and Wine and The New York Times food guide (bi-yearly).

How can you get the Jonas Brothers to take you on a date?

Look for contests in magazines they have some every so often

Are there any magazines with creative Halloween costume ideas?

Just about every family magazine will have some sort of Halloween idea in them around October or earlier.Better Homes and Garden as well as Martha Stewart have them every year.Craft magazines are full of them also.

Which fashion magazine has the most perfume samples per issue?

Most fashion magazines publish approximately 3-4 samples per issue. This will vary based on the ads. Some well-known magazines that issue samples include:Harper'sBazaarElleVogueSeventeenAllureLucky

Where can an online fortune teller be found?

There are various ways that one can be able to find or locate a fortune teller. Magazines and even some newspapers often publish contacts of fortune tellers. Some television channels also provide this information.

What is the medical term meaning every twelve hours?

If you are referring to taking medication every 12 hours, I would think "twice a day" or "bidaily" would be sufficient expressions in a medical setting. Some prescribers prefer to write q12h for "every twelve hours."