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Q: Some people think that hydroelectric and solar power should be used to supply all of the electricity for the US Which of the following would be a flaw in this plan?
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Why should humans have more hydroelectric power?

Humans need more electricity, regardless of source. Hydroelectric and other renewable sources of energy are preferred to energy produced from the burning of fossil fuels.

How does hydroelectric energy affect the people that use it?

Hydroelectric energy can provide a reliable and consistent source of electricity to people who use it, reducing their dependency on fossil fuels and lowering their electricity bills. However, the construction of hydroelectric dams can displace communities and alter local ecosystems, leading to social and environmental impacts that may affect the well-being of people living in the area.

Essay on the day there was no electricity?

There are many reasons why you should write an essay on the day when you had no electricity. This might be so that you can describe how to survive it to other people.

What kind of maintenance is needed for a hydroelectric generator?

A hydroelectric generator does not require much maintenance. If you build it right or if you purchase a decent generator, you should not have much problems.

When you leave home should you turn your ac up?

Most people turn it up so the ac will not go on and use much electricity. Why should they pay for electricity to cool an empty house?

Is electricity widely used today?

electricity is widely used today because otherwise we wouldn't have computers and TVs. the reason many people believe electricity to be a thing of the past, is because there are so many debates about whether we should be using it and how we should generate electricity. no matter what the source is fore the electricity it is always the same end product.

Should you use hydroelectric energy?

Using hydroelectric energy can be a good choice for generating electricity, as it is a renewable and sustainable source of energy. However, it can have environmental impacts, such as altering river ecosystems and displacing communities. It is important to carefully weigh the benefits and drawbacks of hydroelectric energy in each specific case.

Why should people not be bullies?

They should not because the world needs to be friendly. Sort of following "survival of the fittest".

Who discovered the field of electricity?

There were several people who did important research which helped us to understand the phenomenon of electricity; Volta, Galvani, and Benjamin Franklin are among the most important, and I would say that they should jointly be considered the discoverers of electricity.

How much electricity should you use in a thunder and lightning?

None if you can help it. A few lights are OK, but the people in your family should not be using computers or anything.

How can we encourage other people to use electricity?

Why would you want to do that? "Using electricity" should never be a goal in an of itself. Using electricity has costs, both in money, and ecological.You would want to use electricity if it serves some useful purposes - basically, you use DEVICES that use electricity, because they do something useful for you.

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I think you can follow someone on Twitter if you have 900 K people already. It should not matter how many people you are following or who is following you.