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Some suggestions for project in chemistry for class 12?

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Friend i would like to suggest you to make the most simple project, so that examiner will ask you the easy questions.....for easy projects go to

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I am doing an element superhero project for chemistry and I have germanium and I need some suggestions?

use tape and paper

Where can you find chemistry projects for class 12?

there r many investigatory projects in chemistry for class 12. you can find several lab mauuals in market which have projects. some of the project are also given in lab manual. but before going to the project check the availability of equipments or chemicals. for that u can ask to ur teacher or parents.

Some does and donts during chemistry lab class?

Do's and Donot of chemistry lab

Can you tell some physics project ideas for class 8?

i want some ideas on working model on pysics project class 8

What is a creative clever even rhyming title for my science project that deals with bacteria?

Some suggestions:Some Facterials about Bacteria.

Which book best read for class11 chemistry?

which writer is good for reading chemistry for class 11. pl suggest some name

Sggest some chemistry working models for class 11?

You have to give me the full info for me to accurately answer the working models for class 11.

What are some interesting chemistry project ideas?

Project ideas depend on the age level of the person doing the project. However, popular ones include making volcanoes erupt and demonstrating how static electricity is created.

What are some good names for a science project?

depends on what your project is about (maybe you could start by telling us, if it's physics/chemistry/biology) It will also help us if you explain the level of knowledge or education in which you are setting the project.

What are some careers that involve the use of gases besides scuba diving?

Are you in ms.wood's chemistry class! who are you? =D

Can you suggest some topic for project on image processing?

Here are two suggestions but are a little difficult to executeFake currency identifierBook reader

How do you make a 3D beryllium model For a 6 grade class project?

with some Styrofoam balls

What are some good French research project topics?

Wikipedia has many suggestions on good french research topics but may i suggest a biography on Napoleon Bonaparte

How are municipal elections different from federal and provincial elections?

I need some info 4 a class project.

What is some 12th class physics working project topics?

Gyroscope will make a good working model .

What are some of the characteristics of an atom's nucleus?

I'm Doing chemistry I'm my class and the textbook says its made of protons and neutrons.

Why is chemistry hard?

Chemistry is hard because there is a lot of memorization required in order for you to be able to truly grasp and understand different concepts. Some consider it complicated. There are many parts requiring exact measurements and other techniques. The only way to make learning chemistry easier is to work at it until it is really pounded into your brain. Outline the chapter, do sample problems with the the book, and ask for help when you don't understand something (but first really try to dissect the problem yourself).If you are about to take chemistry in high school or college, try reading a preparation book first. Some suggestions are:'Chemistry for Everyone''Chemistry Essentials for Dummies''Chemistry for Dummies.'You can get any of these books on - they are good introductions to the subject and can tell you what to expect in the formal class. 'Chemistry for Everyone' is especially good for students who have had trouble with science classes in the past. This will give you some time to absorb the concepts so when you see them again in class they won't be so foreign to you.There is a saying by Henry Ford:"If you think: you can or you cannot... Either way you are right!"So my dear friend the choice is yours...All the best!

What tools do chemistry teachers use?

Goggles, test tubes, beakers, rubber gloves, and some things that you use in science class.

Do you need to learn chemistry before biology?

This depends on the biology class or level of biology being studied. Introductory biology courses are often taught before chemistry, and require very little understanding of chemistry, (although there is still some basic chemistry required). More advanced biology will require a more throughout understating of chemistry, since chemistry is what drives many biological systems.

What are some candies that start with the letter i?

I'm doing a class project and I need help with this question? What candy starts with the letters: Z, X, U, and I?" I'm doing a class project and I need help with this question? What candy starts with the letters: Z, X, U, and I?"

What are specialised branches of chemistry?

There are many specialized branches of chemistry. Some of these branches include biochemistry, physiological chemistry, analytical chemistry, and organic chemistry.

What are some words for school that begin with the letter v?

Vein is a school word in the study of medicine. Vapor and vapor are school words in chemistry class

What would be a good project for ix class math?

Some good projects areNumber SystemPolynomialsIndian MathematiciansPie

What can I do for my Science fair project about baseballs?

I don't know how much you want to do but here are some suggestions: 1) Why does a baseball curve? 2) What is a slider? 3) What is a knuckle-ball? 4) How do the stitches help?

What are some funny facts about Andrew Jackson that a fifth grader could share with their class?

that's what im sayin cause i need some answers for my president project

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