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No, There are no taste buds on the bottom of your tongue !

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frenulum linguae

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Q: Something on the bottom of your tongue?
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Do they pierce your tongue from the bottom or top?

The Bottom

Where on your tongue is your sweet taste bud?

the bottom of your tongue if i remember my science class correctly.. the tip. yeah it the bottom

Where is the tongue on a frog?

the tongue in a frogs mouth is located on the bottom of its mouth.

My boyfriend has a red bump on the bottom of his tongue what could it be?

The red bump on the bottom of your boyfriend's tongue could just be a sore that he got while trying to pierce his tongue.

How far can an amphibian stick their tongue?

They cannot stick their tongue because their tongue sticks to the bottom of their mouth ;)

Why are the veins on the bottom of a tongue black?

The veins under the tongue often look really dark in color. The reason for this is because the skin under the tongue is very thin.

What stops you from swallowing your tongue when you eat?

The fact that your tongue is attached to the bottom of your mouth would do it.

Can you still get a tongue piercing if you have veins on the bottom of your tongue?

yes it is ok. the veins are there on every bodies tongue. so it is ok.

What cause bitter taste?

the back of your tongue there are sensory nerves on your tongue that indicate if something is bitter. on the tip of your tongue it indicates if something is sweet or sour.

How do you taste something?

Your tongue has taste buds. When you eat something, different sections of your tongue taste it depending on what it is.

Is the top of the tongue lateral ventral dorsal facial surface?

Yes. Ventral can mean closer to the abdomen, below or the bottom surface of an object such as ventral surface of the tongue (bottom side).

What does 'a slip of the tongue' mean?

A 'a slip of the tongue' is when you say something that you did not mean to.