Sometimes it is entirely appropriate to kill a fly with a sledge hammer?

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It means United States Marines are the hardest bastards on the planet.

Who invented the sledge hammer and when?

The sledge type hammer is thousands of years old. The originalpurpose of this type of hammer was probably to break rocks inmining operations. No one actually knows who invente

What is a Sledge hammer?

a sledge hammer is a tool you break things down or build them up.

How big is a sledge hammer?

A Sledge Hammer Is A Big Hammer Used To Break Heavy Material Such As Concrete , Stone, Thick Glass etc. It Can Be Around 200 Pounds And It Will Be Fatal If Someone Gets hit Wi

When was the sledge hammer invented?

It is believed that the sledge hammer was invented about 30,000 BC during the middle of the Paleolithic Stone Age.

How do you get the sledge hammer in Zelda 64?

After defeating the first Flare Dancer in the Fire Temple, go upthe elevator and through the corridor. In the next room, use a bombto activate the crystal, and go up before th
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How big is the drop on sledge hammer?

Pretty quick drop, i couldn't even feel it. AT ALL. I was 11 when i went and i loved it. It is about 80 feet tall. Really cool. Have fun!!
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When was Sledge Hammer born?

Sledge Hammer was born on February 9, 1973, in Seattle, Washington, USA.
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When did Sledge Hammer die?

Sledge Hammer died on April 13, 2012, in Northridge, California, USA of cardiac arrest.