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Song by warren Haynes Soul Shine and it sounds like the singer from Simply red is singing with him Any one know if this is true and where the recording came from?


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Warren Haynes did write "Soulshine", he was 34 when "Where It All Begins" came out. He is 13 years younger than Gregg Allman, but he plays with them quite frequently.

The singer you refer to in the duet with Warren Haynes on the Live At Bonnaroo recording is South African vocalist Vusi Mahlasela - Mahlasela has never performed with Simply Red.

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The Allman Brothers wrote that song, but Warren sang it with them and without them. It's the most beautiful song in the world!!!It really does touch your soul, so a they say, listen what your daddy says!!! Warren is so much younger than the ABB that he could never have written it!!!

Although it was on the Allman Brothers album "Where It All Begins", Warren Haynes is credited with writing the song. I've also heard many interviews with him when he talks about writing the song.