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Sound waves cannot travel through vaccum.

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What is one place sound waves cannot travel?

Sound waves cannot travel in space. Sound waves some medium in order to propagate.

Can Sound waves can travel in a vacuum?

No. Since there is nothing sound can travel through, sound cannot travel.

How do sound waves travel through vacuum?

sound waves cannot travel in vaccum because it needs a medium to travelthrough

Why can light waves travel in vacuum but sound waves cannot?

Because sound waves are waves in material media, but light waves are not.

Does sound travel in transverse waves?

No Sound waves are longitudinal. Being longitudinal they cannot be POLARISED.

Do sound waves from the sun reach earth?

sound waves cannot travel in a vacuum, and since space is a vacuum sound waves cannot reach earth from the sun.

What is the medium of sound?

Sound waves require a medium to propagate, generally its air. Sound waves cannot travel in vacuum. Sound waves are longitudinal waves.

Which waves travel through a medium?

Mechanical waves, such as sound waves travel through a medium. They cannot travel through a vacuum.

What materials will sound travel through?

Sound waves will travel through gases, liquids, and solids. Sound waves cannot pass through a vacuum.

Travel of sound waves through media other then air?

Answer: Sound waves can travel tthrough air, water and solid surfaces. The only thing that sound waves cannot travel through is void.

What can't sound travel through and why?

Sound cannot travel through a vacuum, such as in outer space. "Sound" refers to waves of compression which travel through matter. When there is no matter, there can be no such waves, and therefore no sound.

Where do sound waves cannot travel?

it can't travel in a vacuum, it needs medium to travel

How fast is the speed of sound in a vacuum?

Sound waves cannot travel in a vacuum.

Do sound waves travel in vacuum?

Soundwave cannot travel through a vacumm.

Both sound waves and light waves travel through an opaque object?

Light waves cannot travel through an opaque object.Sound waves intensity is reduced drastically when it crosses an opaque object.Sound waves cannot propagate without a medium whereas light can travel without a medium of propagation.

What is the speed of sound waves when travelling through a vacuum?

Sound waves, by definition, cannot travel through a vacuum.

Why are light waves able to travel through a vacuum whereas sound waves cannot?

Because sound waves are waves in material media, but light waves are not.

Do sound waves need matter to travel?

Sound waves need a medium to travel in. You cannot hear anything in space because space is a vacuum.

How do you differentiate light waves from sound waves?

You can see light waves (or particles . . .) but you cannot hear them. sound must travel thru matter , light can travel thru vacuum

How do you transmit sound waves in a vacuum?

Sound waves cannot propagate in a vacuum. Sound waves travel through matter, and a vacuum is, by definition, the absence of matter.

Sound needs a medium for traveling?

Sound waves cannot travel without a medium. Therefore, any big explosions in space cannot be heard. Light waves can travel without a medium.

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