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Q: Source of information from people actually alive during the event?
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what is the best nursing school online?

A good source of information about nursing schools online would be a forum. People that actually go to those schools they know what is going on there and which is best.

What are the roles of a chief information officer?

To source information for the company Arrange information for the people to follow

Where can I find info on metabolism diet ?

There are many online resources that will give plenty of information about the metabolism diet. One source is Here it briefly talks about what this diet is, and it actually gives you a detailed schedule on what you should eat or drink. One other source talks about the metabolism diet and gives great information about what people need to do in order to increase their metabolism. This source is called Hope this helps.

What does it mean to quote from a source?

A source is usually someone that information is got from, like people that journalists get their news from. To quote from that source is to say what that person said. A source could also be other things, like a book or a website. Taking information from that and writing it somewhere could also be quoting from a source.

What is data that has been processed into a useful form?

Actually, Processed data that conveys meaning and is useful to people is called INFORMATION, not output. Response: Maybe true, but the answer to the question given is OUTPUT!

Does this website give you correct information?

Actually is a website where people can just get information that is fake and gives out useless information.

How many people have been killed by handguns in the Us?

No one source of information.

How did people view nature during the Romantic era?

As a source of beauty

Are considered an important historical source of information that are valuable because they provide information about a wide variety of people?

Old letters

Where can people get information on bmi flights?

"Fly bmi is the direct source to get information on this company. Here, you can get information on flights to places such as the UK, Europe and the Middle East."

What are the uses of TV?

Television allows for people to receive a great source of information and entertainment.

What is firsthand information about people or events of the past?

I believe what you are describing is called a primary source.

Reading is a rewarding past time?

To me it is, YOU must decide for yourself. It's the way people used to amuse themselves and (sometimes) their only source of information - and this for centuries in a row, especially during the 18th, 19th and 20th centuries.

How did people keep from breathing dust during the dust bowl?

Well actually it was very hard to breathe during that time. Some people died from it. But they actually had special masks, so they wouldn't breathe in the dust.

What source of information do people use to learn history?

Well, people could use a book in history class but if you are an archaeologist then you study the artifacts and get information based on those artifacts.

Is Wikipedia a good source of information?

Wikipedia is a great source of information. I have found that the vast majority of content is very accurate and the topics covered are so broad. Also, Wikipedia allows any person with a computer and an Internet connection to access information which was once only available to people who could afford subscription fees to Encyclopedia Britannica or some other encyclopedia Wikipedia is not a good source I could simply go on here and change information and everyone can do that I actually agree with both of these people. Wikipedia is a good place to learn about something in the larger sense, since it's comprehensible and clear. However, many pages are open to be edited by anyone and can therefor have incorrect information. I recommend grabbing sources from the bottom of the wikipedia page. ;)

How many people own a gun in America in 2009?

There is no source of exact information. Best estimate is about 120 million people.

Do Jewish people believe in Angels?

Yes. The source for our information about the angels is the Tanakh (Jewish Bible).

What was the main source of food during the paleolithic era?

The people hunted and gathered what was available.

Where can one find the best hotels in Ubud?

Tripadvisor is a great source of information for anything involving travel. There are reviews and ratings submitted by hundreds of guests from each hotel. You can also search by city and get a list of the top rated hotels by people who have actually stayed there.

Why would a historian use a primary source when studying about a historical event?

Answer this question… Primary sources are created by people who actually experienced the event

What are the four main features of information systems?

Data The source of the information People people who use the information and who modifiy the information and input etc Hardware + Software Where the information is stored + Where the is used Communications Information is sent and received to different people

Where can I find a trustable source for information on famous French people?

There are a few trusted websites online to obtain information of famous French people. These sites include Wikipedia, Eupedia, Buzzle, and ezwebsite.

When is it important to cite your source?

You must always cite your sources because: -people will feel confident that the information is true when they have access to the source -it prevents plaigarism -it promotes organized research -it can help people if they seek additional information

Is this an example of primary research asking a reference librarian for specific sources of information?

If you are interviewing a librarian about library questions such as how many people ask questions each day, then it is a primary source. If you are asking a librarian where to find information about other topics, it is not a source of information. It is merely asking directions.