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Property taxes (millage) and state lotteries.

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The public sector.

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Q: Sources of revenues in public schools?
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What are the 2 main sources of government revenue?

sources of government revenues

How many schools are in india?

Schools in India are divided into two categories: public schools and private schools. According to the government sources, there are more than 500000 schools in India.

How were Puritan and other colonial schools different from the public schools of today?

Purtitan and othe olonial schools are different from the public schools of today is how in public school now we have sinks, toliets, electricty and other things thta need sources back then there wasnt that much.

Sources of American public opinion include?

mass media, religious, heritage, schools, family

Definition of the word fiscal?

Relating to taxation, public revenues, or public debt.

What are the four major sources of state tax revenues?

ingovernmental revenues, employee retirement contributions, individual income & sales tax.

What are the major sources of Philippines government revenues and how much in 2011?


How are public schools funded in Michigan?

Public schools are funded by a mixture of funding from federal, state and municipal sources. Bonds, tax levies and interest from investments help supplement funds from the governement.

What is 98 percent percent of all public revenues in Mexico?

Nothing provides such kind of revenue. Oil amounts for 35% of public revenues, and is the largest single contributor to such earnings.

How is public school different from non public schools?

In the U.S. public schools are free and non public (private) schools are not. In Great Britain, some schools we in the U.S. would call private schools are called public schools.

Does Switzerland have public schools?

most of the schools are public

Where might one learn more about Boston public schools?

There are several good sources in order to learn more about Boston Public Schools. The best sources for sure is the official web-site at "BostonPublicScools". This one offers some basic facts, job offerings, a list of all schools, news and a calender containing public events and more. Besides that one might also check the related Wikipedia entry, where some basic information has been summarized.