Soy de Barcelona

Updated: 12/18/2022
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Soy de Barcelona means: I am from Barcelona.

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Q: Soy de Barcelona
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How do you say 'I am from' in Spanish?

I am from... = Yo soy de...

How do you say I am from Utah in Spanish?

' Yo soy del Tennessee ' / OR / ' Soy del Tenesí ' / OR / ' Soy de Tennessee ' / OR / ' Yo soy de Tenesí ' [etc.].

What has the author Emilia Salvador Esteban written?

Emilia Salvador Esteban has written: 'Carlos V, Emperador de Imperios (Quien Soy? (Barcelona))'

What does soy de... mean?

soy de... means: I am from... literally: "I am of..."

How do you say im from Texas in spanish?

I'm not sure but I think it would be "Yo soy de Colorado."

How do you say 'i come from' in spanish?

"Soy de..." ... for example, "Soy de España" "I'm from Spain."

When was Quartet de Barcelona created?

Quartet de Barcelona was created in 1997.

How do you say i am from Jamaica in spanish?

Soy de Jamaica

What does soy de Mexico mean?

"Soy de México" means "I am from Mexico".

How do you say i come from in the language Spanish?

"Soy de" and then the place you are from. Soy de Los Estados Unidos (United States), Soy de Dallas.

How do you say i live in Jackson in spanish?

Soy de Jackson. Pronounced Soy(soy sauce) de(Day) Jackson.

When was Real Club de Polo de Barcelona created?

Real Club de Polo de Barcelona was created in 1897.