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perro or El Perro.

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Q: Spanish for dog?
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What is your dog in Spanish?

"Tu perro" means "your dog" in Spanish

What is the Spanish word for dog?

The Spanish word for dog is "perro".

What is dog in Spanish?

perroDog in spanish is perro.And roll your r's.

Dog in Spanish?

Dog in Spanish is 'perro'. e.g. un perro los perros

Translate dog to spanish?

The Dog= El Perro

I am missing a dog in spanish?

Me falta un perro is the best way to say "I am missing a dog" in Spanish.

What is the Spanish word for a female dog?

The Spanish word for a female dog is "perra." A male dog is "perro." These words are not used in the same manner in Spanish as they are in English, i.e., perra is not as a curse word.

I have your dog in Spanish?


How do you spell dog in Spanish?

dog=perroel perro

How do you say my dog likes to eat dog food in spanish?

To say My dog likes to eat dog food in Spanish, is:Mi perro gusta comer alimentos para perros.

What is the word 'dog' when translated from English to Spanish?

The Spanish word is perro (pronounced peer ro roll the r)You can say perro meaning male dog (or dog in general) and perra for a female dog.

The dog is friendly in spanish?

El perro es amistoso would be the best way to say "The dog is friendly" in Spanish.

How do you spell hot dog in Spanish?

perrito caliente

What does loco perro mean in Spanish?

crazy dog or mad dog

What is the significance of the dog in rizal what is the importance of the dog in rizal execution?

the dog is like a omen to the Spanish people ... Some of the Spanish people believe that the dog sign of coming misfortune of the Spanish's rule in the Philippines.

How you say dog in spanish?


What is a female dog called in spanish?

A female dog in Spanish is called perra. In the English language a female dog is referred to as bitch which is a term that has been misused.

How do you say gray dog in Spanish?

Perro gris (male dog) Perra gris (Female dog)

How do you say feed your dog in spanish?

alimenta a tu perro ( in spanish ) lol

How do you say Do you want a hot dog in spanish?

Quieres un hot dog?

What is the national dog of Spain?

Spanish Mastiff

How do you say my dog in spanish?

Mi perro.

How do you say little dog in spanish?


How do you say Female dog in Spanish?


How do you say a girl dog in spanish?