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Space docking involves a man emptying his bowels (feces) into a woman's vagina before or after sex. Experts question whether this practice has ever actually been done because of its extreme and lewd nature.

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When was the first space docking?

The first space docking occurred on March 16, 1966 between Gemini 8 and a rocket named Agena.

What is a space word for d?

There is debris such as satellites, gloves, nuts, etc. in outer space. Docking is a space word.

Bringing two spacecrafts together in space is called?

When two spacecraft are joined in space it is called docking.

How long before docking to the iss does the space shuttle have to start slowing down to make a safe docking?

During launch the space shuttle speeds up to 17500 MPH. In orbit the space station is going about the same speed. So the shuttle does not have to slow down much. At docking the relative speed of the ISS and shuttle is about 1-2 inchs per second.

What actors and actresses appeared in Sexually Speaking with Dr. Ruth Westheimer - 1980?

The cast of Sexually Speaking with Dr. Ruth Westheimer - 1980 includes: Ruth Westheimer as Herself - Host

What are the jobs in the space shuttle?

There a number of jobs on a space shuttle. These include pilot, command pilot, commander, docking module pilot, as well as a mission specialist.

What is Britney Spears 3 song about?

sounds to me like it's about a threesome (sexually speaking).

What is a camera docking station?

a station for docking your camera

What is meaning of docking in windows XP?

Docking is the act of connecting a laptop computer to a port replicator or docking station.

When was Docking the Boat created?

Docking the Boat was created in 1965.

When was Trevor Docking born?

Trevor Docking was born in 1952.

When was Alfred Docking born?

Alfred Docking was born in 1860.

When did Alfred Docking die?

Alfred Docking died in 1938.

When was Jeffrey Docking born?

Jeffrey Docking was born in 1961.

Which nasa program practiced rendezvousing and docking in space?

Project Gemini, the program between the Mercury and Apollo missions, was conceived as as necessary stepping stone from initial rocket and orbital successes to further study weightlessness and effects on the Astronauts. It was also to test docking designs for the upcoming Apollo Command / Lunar Module docking operation prior to going to the Moon, and was also intended to practice rendezvousing and docking with other orbital platforms.

Who produced the first Ipod Docking Stations?

No one is credited with producing the first Ipod Docking Stations. Although, the first docking station was invented by Mr. Docking Station in the year 2002.

When was the first space docking by astronauts?

The first docking in space was performed by Neil Armstrong and Dave Scott aboard Gemini 8 on March 16, 1966. The first docking was to occur during the Gemini 6 flight, but the Gemini 6 Agena docking module failed to reach orbit. Gemini 8 began a slow tumble shortly after docking. Per mission rules, Armstrong undocked from the Agena. When he did, their spacecraft began spinning about 1 revolution every second. The astronauts were on the verge of blacking out when Armstrong finally regained control of the vehicle and stopped the spinning. Had he not been able to gain control, both astronauts would have died in space. It was Armstrong's courage and the calmness with which he handled the situation that caused the NASA planners to choose him to command the first manned landing on the moon.

What is veterinarian docking and cropping?

A Veterinarian is docking "tails" and cropping "ears".

What is the duration of Docking the Boat?

The duration of Docking the Boat is 1.7 hours.

How do you define the word docking?

Docking means mooring, tying up.

When did Robert Docking die?

Robert Docking died on 1983-10-08.

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