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A spider that has orange legs and a purple-brown body is known as the sowbug killer spider. This spider actively kills sowbugs and other pill bugs.


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A pumpkin spider, or an orange orb-weaver spider.

I don't have an answer to this question, but I've seen the same spider outside my friend's house. It was huge and ate its own web.

The type of spider that is known for having a fat orange body is the orbweaver spider. The orbweaver is a type of garden spider.

This description fits a few types of spiders. It could be a barn spider, an orb weaver spider, or a crab spider.

What kind of spider has a round orange body and white and black striped legs

It sounds as if you've got a brown widow. The hourglass marking is orange in color. The body may appear black, but next to a true black spider, one will notice the lighter contrast. It is venomous and can leave a painful bite.

This spider more than likely is an Argiope, this is a common spider than can be found all over the world. If you seen the web, this spider is known to spin a white zigzag pattern on their web.

A kind of spider that has a black body with three orange dots is a daring jumping spider, also known as Phidippus audax. As the spider matures, the spots tend to turn white.

beetle is the insect that has orange body with a black head and brown wings

It is called a spider which is brown and has really long legs and a big body. You need more than that description to identify the spider.

It was probably just a red back spider which you probably just hallucinated. ( Thought it was orange. )

The name of the spider is Phidippus Audux. It is a jumping spider.

A black spider with orange legs is called a Spotted Ground Spider. There are 60 different species to this group of spiders. brown with brown paches

It is called the black widow spider (Referred to as the black widow), it is a spider with a strong neurotoxin. With respect to the body size, they have longer legs and smaller abdomen. They are usually dark brown, has yellow stripes, and a yellow hourglass spot.

It is probably a house spider if it has light tan marks on it's back

i have seen this spider before :D i think it is called the tree spider

A spider that stepped in paint ha ha ha lol.

Brown Recluse bite can be onyour body for 2- 6 weeks

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