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Square centimeter to square feet?


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Divide square centimeters by 929 to get square feet.

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There are 5.472 square feet in 5,084 square centimeters. 5,084 square centimeters x 0.00107639104 square feet/1 square centimeter = 5.472 square feet 1 square centimeter = 0.00107639104 square feet

1 square centimeter is 1/929 (0.0010764) of a square foot.

If you are asking how many square feet is in a centimeter, it cannot be converted. A centimeter is a measure of length and square feet is a measure of area.

The length centimeter has nothing to do with an area of square feet. Only square centimeters or square feet could be a solution, if you mean a flat area.

1 200 square centimeter = 1.291 669 25 square foot

1 square foot = 929.0304 square centimetres.1 square foot = 929 square centimetres

You cannot change square centimeter to centimeter. The square centimeter is a measure of area and the centimeter is a measure of distance.

One square centimeter is 100 square millimeters.

125 cm times 107 cm = 13375 square centimeter. 13375 square centimeter are 14.39673 square feet. 1 square foot = 9.290 304×10−2 m²

1 square centimeter = 0.155 square inches

There are 100 square millimeters in one square centimeter.

10 percent of 3 square centimeter is 0.3 square centimeter.

A square meter is quite a bit larger then a square centimeter. For example the area of a square with sides 1 meter long (about three feet) is a square meter. A square with sides 1 centimeter long (a little less then a half inch) is a square centimeter. You could fit 10,000 square centimeters in 1 square meter. They are similar in that they are both measures of area in the metric system.

A square with sides that are one centimeter long

One square centimeter equals a square centimeter.

different between centimeter square centimeter is that cm is a unit of length and cm square is used for measuring area

A square centimeter is a unit of area; a centimeter is a unit of length or distance.

1 square centimeter equals 1 centimeter squared

There are 0.0001 square meters in a square centimeter, since a square meter is made up of 10,000 square centimeters.

Answer: zero 1 centimeter square[d] - 1 square centimeter= 0 Notes:: a centimeter squared is 1 cm * 1 cm = 1 cm^2. This area is equal to 1 square centimeter (i.e.: an area that is 1 cm x 1 cm). a square centimeter is an area 1 cm * 1 cm

The perimeter of a 900 square centimeter square is 120 centimeters.

A square centimeter measures area, and a centimeter measures length, so they are not exactly comparable in size.

centimeter - unit of lengthsquare centimeter - unit of areacubic centimeter - unit of volume - equal to milliliter

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