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Square feet of 32x44 foot house?

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Multiply length times the width. 44 X 32 = 1408 square feet.

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Ummm, would you believe 1200 square feet?

2,880 square feet (24 x 120 = 2,880)

A linear foot is distance. A square foot is area. One square foot is the area of some square tiles used on floors. Ten square feet is 1 foot x 10 feet or 2 feet x 5 feet. Don't confuse this with a 10 foot square which is 10 feet by 10 feet which equals 100 square feet.

Square feet and square foot can be expressed as: ft2

No. Square feet are square.

it's not an amount of feet. a square foot is a square, that is a foot by a foot. A foot is a unit of measurement. A square foot is also a unit of measurement. Whenever you measure a length, such as with a tape measure, you are measuring in feet. If you are measuring the area of a shape, you are measuring in square feet.

No. They are quite different. They are the same only in the case of one square foot and one foot square. One square foot is a square, one foot on a side. Ten square feet is an area equal to ten of these square feet. Ten feet square is a square, ten feet per side. Ten square feet contains an area of ten square feet. Ten feet square contains an area of 100 square feet.

per square foot, $69, but if its over 2000 sqr feet it only costs $1 for square foot

12 feet x 16 feet = 192 square feet

The area of 30 feet times 40 feet are 1200 square feet. But, when a house is advertised as containing 'xx square feet of living area', that can include second and third floors or a finished basement or attic, so a 30 X 40 house could be a 6000 square foot home.

8 feet square is the same as 8 square feet. NOT!8 foot square is 8' x 8' or 64 square feet.

Ummm . . . there is 1 square foot in a square foot. The square foot could be any dimensions, like 1 foot by 1 foot, or half a foot by 2 feet, or a quarter of a foot by 4 feet . . . . .

That's going to depend on how many rooms there are in the house, and how high the ceilings are. Neither of those numbers can be calculated from "2500 square feet".

14 foot x 11 foot are 154 square feet. 154 square feet are 14.307068 square meters.

You cannot convert from square feet to cubic feet ! A square foot is a unit of area. A cubic foot is a unit of volume.

1. feet and foot means the same thing! ------------------------------------- - Square foot ia unit of area. - Foot is a unit of length. - Feet is the plural of foot.

None. Square feet is a measure of area. A foot or feet measure length.

A square with 14 foot sides is 196 sq. feet.

The area of 12 foot times 20 foot are 240 square feet.

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