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There could be a couples of reasons a Toro lawn mower is making squeaking noises. One reason could be the blades need to cleaned. Another reason is the spindle that attaches the blades may need to be greased.

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Q: Squeaking noises from toro lawn mower?
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Toro Lawn Mower?

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How do you remove a spark plug wire on a toro lawn mower?

how to replace plug wire on a toro mower

Toro Mower Parts?

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Toro Parts?

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What is the cost of a toro mower?

Depending on the model of the Toro mower you choose, they average around $280 and go up to $580 for a push mower. Riding lawn mowers by Toro are several thousand.

How much does a toro zero turn lawn mower weigh?

Depends on the size of the mower.

How much oil do you need to change the oil in a toro self propelled lawn mower?

That would depend entirely on the particular Toro mower you're referring to.

Where can someone buy a commercial lawn mower?

You can buy a commercial lawn mower by going to outdoor supply stores. Toro would have these lawn mowers. Small Business also, has commercial lawn mowers.

Where is fuel filter on Toro lawn mower?

where isfuel filter on toro lawnmower where isfuel filter on toro lawnmower where isfuel filter on toro lawnmower where isfuel filter on toro lawnmower

What lawn mowers are available at the Home Depot?

Some of the lawn mowers home depot sells are Toro 20331 Self Propelled Lawn Mower, Great States 14 in. Reel Mower 304-14S, Snow Joe Sun, and Toro Lawn Boy 10603 20-Inch.

How do you change the blades on a toro zero turn lawn mower?

use an impact wrench

What oil does a Toro lawn mower use?

All of them that I've had ran happily on 5W-30.

How Change spark plug wire toro lawn mower?

In order to change the spark plug wires in a Toro lawn mower, the engine housing should be removed. The spark plug wire will then be disconnected which is a simple twisting movement under pressure. This is a very quick procedure.

I have a 70 something model toro wheelhorse mower and need a spindle, Toro has discontinued this part and won't tell me if there is an aftermarket part that replaces it. Where can i find this part or do i need to drop this boat anchor on Toro's front lawn?

Try these sites: OR Also, check with a lawn mower repair shop in your area. Often, parts can be fabricated for older machines.

How do you remove the oil drain plug on a craftsman eager-1 self-propelled 6.75 lawn mower?

The best way to change the oil on a Craftsman Eager One lawn mower - 6.75 HP is to buy a Toro.

How do you adjust a toro lawn mower carburetor on a 6.5hp engine?

3 degreees from drop dead center. Learned that from "My Cousin Vinny"

How much does a riding lawn mower cost?

Riding lawn mowers are mowers that you can drive instead of pushing. The individual mower manufacturer's all have detailed information on their individual sites that give the specs for the different mowers. A great brand of mower is Toro. Another brand to look at is the Cub Cadet.

Are Murray lawn mowers made in the US?

Toro push lawn mower are assembled mostly in mexico ; with some assembled in windom mn. With most of the parts being made at toro component parts plant in shakopee mn.

What oil does a Toro self propelled lawn mower with a Tecumseh engine use?

SAE 30 full synthetic oil, any major brand.

What are some good websites where I can find and purchase mower parts for Toro and Black and Decker mowers?

You can purchase lawn mower parts for Toro, Black&Decker and many other brands of mowers at Jacks Small Engines. They are located online at Another place to check out is M&D Mower and Appliance at Sears also has mower parts for Black&Decker mowers at

How was the first lawn mower invented?

With a motor, belt and two machetes....invented by a Mexican who's favorite sport was bull-fights so he named it Toro.

What company owns Toro Lawn care equipment?

What company makes the Toro lawn equipment brand. I was told that Landmark owns this company.

How much does an average toro mower cost?

The average toro mower costs about $3000. Toro mowers come in a variety of sizes to suit one's needs. For example, Home Depot offers toro mowers for 1, 2, or 3 acre mowing.

What retailers offer Toro Lawn Mowers?

Toro Lawn Mowers are offered by retailers such as Home Depot, Lowes, and other hardware stores. You can also order directly from Toro through their own website.

Where are lawn-boy lawn mowers made?

Lawn-Boy is owned by Toro, and I think the factory is in Alabama.