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NO the repo person can not. Who ever owns it can or if they give someone else permission to move it.


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Yes. Be very careful! You can be charged with auto theft. You are depriving the legal owner of the vehicle of his property and are converting it to your own use.

It depends on your state. Texas allows concealed handguns as long as you have a permit.

30days by state law, answer from a repo man

What are the steps in a repossesion of collateral (boat) in the state of Alabama?

What is the Statue Of Limitations on an MIP in Washington state?

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10 years, a repossession will stay on your credit for 10 years.

If you are interested in a state statute, you have to say which state you are asking about.

No such thing as in repossession. Its either repoed or its not. If its not, you are free to do what you want with it unless you signed a contract agreeing otherwise.

If this repossesion is continously being resold to third party collection agencies; which happens often, then this repossesion will stay on your credit file up to 7 years. The "7 year clock" is a myth. There is no 7 year clock, the only clock that you should be aware of is the Statue of Limitation for the state that you purchased this vehicle. Google the statue of limitation for this state, and check to see the "date of last activity or the date of last payment". If your repossesion is over the SOL, then dispute this information with the bureaus, and have this permenatly removed from your credit report. If it is not over the SOL then wait until it is, unless you are ready to make a settlement offer. My suggestion is to make a settlement of 30% of the balance owed. Get everything in writing before making this final payment. Once you make this payment request for another letter stating that this account is settled in full. Though it was settled for less, this will help your credit score and report. Update this information with all three bureaus. Good Luck with this process. Wanda Improve Credit, LLC

Yes, it depends on what state your in, check your state government website for laws. Every state has different statue of limitations laws.

It really depends on your state. I would check the extension for your state and search repossesion in the search field box to get a definite answer.

That depends what deadline you are talking about. Redemption periods vary from state to state. Once the creditor has a repossesion order or judgement, they can repossess the vehicle any time in the future.

well they can just run out of the state where they are living to an another state nearby

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here in the state of Florida the is no statue of limitation on a probation violation (SORRY)

Every state has a statue of limitations ... the only way a statue of limitation will not apply is on murder ... depending on the crime the limitation can be for 1 to 10+ years ...

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