Static and dynamic linking

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Static or Dynamic Linking(Binding)

Linking means Binding.
In a program, it is the Linking of a procedural call to be executed in response to the call. Generally binding are of two types.-->
(1)Early binding or Static Binding. (2) Late binding or Dynamic Binding

Difference between Static Linking and Dynamic Linking

1. In Static Binding (linking), the code associated with a given procedure is known at the time of compilation. 1. In Dynamic Binding (linking) the code associated with a given procedure is known at the time of running the program.

2. In Static Binding program execution is fast and efficient.
2. In Dynamic Binding program executin is little slow.

3. In Static Binding Program flexibility is less.
3. In Dynamic Binding Program flexibility is more.

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Q: Static and dynamic linking
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What is dynamic linking in c language?

Dynamic linking makes use of one or more external libraries known as dynamic link libraries (typically *.dll files). These libraries contain compiled code which can be shared by multiple processes. The alternative to dynamic linking is static linking where the "shared" code is embedded in the process itself. Static linking offers a slight performance advantage over dynamic linking, however dynamic linking consumes less memory because there is only one instance of the shared code. This is important where the shared code provides low-level platform facilities which need to be accessible to virtually every application, such as hardware device drivers and Windows registry access.

What is the difference between dynamic linking and dynamic loading?

Dynamic Linking : Windows allows you to link executable object modules to be linked to a program while a program is running. This is known as Dynamic Linking

What is static linking and dynamic linking?

In operating systems exists static and dynamic linking. When a program uses static linking, the task of linking libraries to the program is done in compilation time, so the binary image of these program includes the library linking that will use. Otherwise in a dynamic linking model, the program will link the libraries that it needs at run time, so with this model the program will have the hability to choose with library to use at runtime. I.e. in most common .net programs the external libraries (dlls) are linked at run-time, so you will have the posibility to update one of these dlls if the dlls interface definition keeps as oldest. The common use can be with a new dll version that solves some bugs or improves performance issues.

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