Stomach pain and bleeding

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Depending on how old you are and how much you are bleeding, it could be spotting in between periods, or spotting before you ever get your period. Chances are though, you are getting your period. Take care.

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Q: Stomach pain and bleeding
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Is it normal to have back pain and stomach pain at 7 weeks?

As long as the stomach pain isn't severe or accompanied by bleeding, then it's normal

How long do implantation symptoms last what symptoms do you get besides bleeding?

stomach cramps, lower adominal pain, bloated stomach

What causes sores or holes that form in the lining of the stomach causing pain and bleeding?

Peptic ulcers

Why am i having occasionally bleeding..stomach pain..back pain.. and all the symptoms of pregnancy when i have an IUD in and all the pregnancy test are negative?

Bleeding, stomach pain, and back pain are not pregnancy symptoms. Your pregnancy test is negative and you are using effective birth control. Please see your health care provider to find out why you're having pain.

What to do if someone says they feel pain?

It depends where they are in pain! - if it's the stomach that's in pain the it could be gas or diarrhea - if they are bleeding get a bandaid -like I said it depends WHERE

Pregnant with bleeding and stomach ache?

You should ask your doctor all pregnancy questions. Bleeding and pain may be caused by a miscarriage, if it's early in the pregnancy.

Why would you have stomach pain and rectal bleeding after drinking apple juice?

That question should be answered by a licensed physician.

How is call a pain in stomach?

Stomach pain.

What is pain in the stomach?

Stomach pain is one of the common kinds of pain found in human beings. When organs around the abdomen get affected, stomach pain occurs. Sometimes the pain can be felt in abdomen even if the parts that are affected may not be the part of the digestive tract such as heart or lungs in which the pain is severe and gives a shooting sensation. The causes for stomach pain can vary. Sometimes it is caused by inflammation or distention of the organs inside the abdomen. Swelling of the liver can be one of the causes for stomach pain. The symptoms for the pain can vary from dull to intense pain in the abdomen. Rectal bleeding and irregular bowel movement are also some of the symptoms of the pain. Hope this helps.

Best pain killer for stomach pain?

stomach pain in near testis

Bleeding from the stomach?


Why Stomach pain after eating?

Stomach pain because of food eat.

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