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Possible answerIf your headlamp is like mine, a Chevy Malibu, then there's a small vent hole with a tube coming out. Make sure there's no obstructions in the hole or vent.
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Q: Stop Venture headlamp condensation
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How can you stop condensation?

You can't really stop condensation its literally just water forming as air. By removing cold surfaces such as glass you are able to stop condensation -RF

How do you stop air conditioning condensation from leaking into the cabin beneath the dash of a 2000 Chevrolet venture mini van?

Your A/C system should have a drain tube, check if it is clogged or missing.

Why is there condensation in the loft?

the hot rises and when met with the cool air it forms condensation if u have a tin roof put a fales roof in this will stop the condensation

What is the purpose of the headlamp relay?

stop cheating on electrics multi-choice attempt...

How does one change the headlamp bulb in a Mitsubishi Montero?

leopen hood of vehicle. The headlamp is in a case that comes out. Headlamp screws in and out of it. Replace, and then put case back in. - Or stop at Auto Store, play dumb and have them do it for you (that's how I found out! )

How do you stop condensation in Ford Probe Taillights?

Replace the seal.

Can you caulk your windshield to stop condensation?

Condensation is the 'condensing of water/water vapor already within your car. Caulking the windshield, inside or out, will NOT stop condensation. To reduce the water droplets/condensation on the windows inside your car, turn on the air conditioning system and/or slightly open a rear window for better air flow.

How can you stop condensation from forming on copper plumbing pipe?

Insulate cold water lines and fittings as much as possible to help with condensation issue.

How do you prevent condensation in ac ducts located in the basement?

To prevent condensation in A/C ducts located in the basement, turn the thermostat to a warmer temperature. About 5 degrees Fahrenheit above what it is now running at will stop condensation.

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Install a tempering valve in water line feeding toilet. Tempering valve will mix hot and cold water together so warm water fills toilet tank which will stop condensation.

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To help stop condensation accumulating on the lens.

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