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Stopping acid rain?


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It can be prevented by stopping pollution...

By stopping water pollution. Thanks for asking!

we can slow it down by stopping pollution from factories.

Acid rain is acid rain.

by forming an oily layer over the water bodies and stopping the oxygen from entering into the water

Yes, Acid rain is rain with higher than normal levels of nitric and sulfuric acid.

Only acid rain, normal rain does not contain acid.

carbonic acid rain and sulfuric acid rain

no, the acid haven't rain it

well you can have acid rain but not all rain is acid rain

no, not really. acid rain has pollutants in it, but acid rain itself is not a pollutant

When Sulfuric Acid mixes with rain, it creates Acid Rain.

There is no symbol for acid rain.

Yes, the level of acid rain can increase. As acid rain falls on objects that have already been hit with acid rain, the acid builds up and becomes stronger.

Sulfuric acid is present in rain along with nitric acid.

Acid rain is basically Sulphuric acid and Sulfurous acid dissolved in rain water.

No. NaOH is sodium hydroxide, which is a strong base, not an acid, and is not found in rain. Acid rain is rain that is unusually acidic due to the presence of nitric acid (HNO3) and sulfuric acid (H2SO4). Acid rain is still mostly water.

Nearly all rain contains acid. Acid rain is noted form being abnormally acidic. Normal rain contains small amounts of carbonic acid, a weak acid. Acid rain is contaminated with unusual amounts of nitric and sulfuric acid, which are strong acids.

acid rain happens because when air becomes polluted, the chemicals mixes with rain and turn into acid rain.

acid rain is harmful to u bcause when rain comes acid geys mixed with rain water

because nz is a pie, we dont have acid rain, cause pies are vicious to acid rain and they kill acid rain.

Acid Rain is colourless

because rain falls with acid in it

Acid rain polutes air.

Acid Rain is a mixture.

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