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Summary of Anton Chekhov the boor?

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2012-02-03 03:10:47

I've just read this Russian one act. It's about a widow who is

in deep mourning because of her late husband's death 7 months ago.

She has locked herself in and refuses to leave. The play begins

with her and her servant speaking, and he tries to persuade her to

leave her house. She will not. While speaking, there is a knock on

the door. The widow, Mrs. Popov, refuses to see anyone. The person

at the door refuses to leave until he speaks with Mrs. Popov. You

find he is there to collect money which her late husband owes him

for oats that he had purchased. Mrs. Popov explains that she is

unable to pay him due to her finance manager not arriving until the

day after tomorrow. The man, Smirnov, is very unhappy about this

because he is broke and needs to be paid right then. She stands

firm on the fact that she is unable to pay him that day and that he

needs to leave. He refuses until he receives his money. Through the

play you learn how Mrs. Popov's husband was not a kind man and

cheated on her, along with other things. After Mrs. Popov refuses

to pay and asks Smirnov to leave, she leaves the room to get away

from him. While she is gone, Smirnov begins ranting about how he

has not had any good experiences with woman in the past and how he

cannot trust women. Near the end of the play, the two climax their

anger to the point where they are going to have a duel. But as they

prepare for the duel, Smirnov realizes how strong and fiery Mrs.

Popov is. He immediately falls in love with her. He expresses his

love to her and she begins to alternate telling him to leave and

stay. At the end of the play he grabs her and gives her a long


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