Summary of blessings of god by cecil Alexander?

Blessings Of God (Mr Save . Cecil Alexander)

This poem is a sort of concise hymn of high degree. The poet has eulogized God and his blessing on us .Six stanzas have been worked out in a fine poetic composition. The central idea of the poem is to make us realize God's grandeur.

In the first stanza, the poet says that all beautiful and bright things, wonderful and wise creatures reflect the Godliness .In the second stanza, he says that little flowers in multi colors and birds with tiny wings have beautified this world. The third stanza of the poem gives natural scenery in words. Purple headed mountains, the running rivers, the scene of sunset and sunrise speak volume of greatness of God Almighty. The cold winter, the pleasant summer sun and the ripe fruits are the subject matter of the fourth stanza. The tall trees, the meadows and the tiny plants across the river are matchless and scenic blessings of God.

"Nature is the beautiful handwriting of God"

In the last stanza, the poet assumes a serious thought. Our Benefactor has blessed us with eyes to see His wonderful creations. He has given us lips to speak high of God Almighty. We should be thankful to our Creator for His countless blessings upon us.

Composed by:

Professor Rana Muhammad Kashif