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Sun stone Pokemon Emerald?


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After beating team magma in the space center in mossdeep city talk to the guys on the first floor one of them gives you a sun stone.


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you can get one from a man in moss deep space center in Pokemon emerald.

In Pokemon emerald you get it at the space center and solrock has a 5% chance of having the sun stone.

You have to use a Sun Stone on Gloom.

Get a Gloom and use a Sun Stone on it.

You talk to the sailor in the space center in mossdeep city. He'll give you a Sun Stone.

you can only trade a sun stone with someone who has fire red, leaf green, or emerald.

To evolve certain pokemon. Eg a gloom into a bellossom

Only with stones. leaf stone> vileplume sun stone> bellossom

Gloom and Sunkern, although Sunkern isn't a Hoenn Pokemon.

Answer:Gloom, (and Sunkern but only through trading with Emerald)

it doesn't evolve by itself, you need a leaf stone or a sun stone... the leaf stone will get you a vileplume, and the sun stone will give you a bellosom.

gloom evolves into a vileplume with a leaf stone and into bellossom with a sun stone

Sunkurn (trade it from emerald) and Gloom.

You can get a sun stone by talking to the sailor-looking man on the first floor of the Space center in mossdeep city

Have ruby or emerald or another sapphire trade you a Pokemon holding the sun stone they received or get one from firered or leafgreen.

In Pokémon Emerald, the sun stone is obtainable at the mossdeep space centre

to evolve gloom you need a leaf stone or a sun stone. sun stone=Bellossom leaf stone=Vileplume you can get a sun stone from a person in the space station and a leaf stone on route 119. hope i helped :)

At any level i guess, you have to use a sun stone

You can't but you can get it from the sailor at the space statioin in mossdeep feastdfsvctv6stvc6svczc

Sunkern only evolves if you use a sun stone on it.

Bellosom- the evolved form of Gloom through the use of a Sun stone

i think to evolve solrock....... no! u evolve a sunkern 2 a sunflora.........

all i know is that gloom can evolve into bellossom with a sun stone

I think there might be But I need to know where to get it. yer i think it is the sun stone or i am wrong plz tell me if i am lolz

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