Wolverine (X-Men)

Superman vs wolverine?

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superman will win cuz wolverine would get knocked out by supermans strenght

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What is a narrative of Superman vs Wolverine?

Wolverine had no idea what kryptonite was. Superman destroyed kryptonite with his heat vision. Superman had known that Wolverine held it. Wolverine clawed Superman for heat visioning the item. Superman was invincible. Superman knew what his weakness was. He punched Wolverine in the face 6 times. Wolverine clawed him 2 times. Superman didn't get hurt. Superman punched is cowl off of his face. "That will teach you manners." Superman taunted. He flew into space and burned his steel claws off of Wolverine. Superman punched him into space and threw him into Mercury and crushed the planet and punched Wolverine back to Earth and Wolverine died without regenerating. Superman won.

Who would win Hulk vs green goblin vs superman vs ghost rider vs bat man vs Wolverine vs thor vs iron man vs iron patriot vs Spiderman vs human torch vs venom vs wonder woman vs electro?

It would come down to Hulk, superman, and thor. Superman and Thor would work together to fight hulk. And then superman vs thor. With all power from superman, he can pick up thor's hammer and throw it at Thor. So superman would win

Who would win in a fight between Superman vs Wolverine?

Anyone who isn't a hopeless Marvel fanboy would conclude that Wolverine, healing factor or not, would be left a greasy stain and a wisp of vapor while Superman wouldn't even be scratched.

Badger vs wolverine?


Who would win wolverine vs super man?

Well, one they are from different comics. Beside that- heres some fact *Superman' could freeze wolverine] and burry him in someplace COLD But of course he would eventually melt, and he couldn't die, he has a healing factor, he is nearly invinsible! *Then Superman' get shot with a kryptinite bullet, [by wolverine] and then he could die. He has too many weaknesses! Simple answer! WOLVERINE!

Watch clash of the nicktoons Wolverine vs Ang?


Superman Vs Wolverine who win?

Superman all the way. He is a SUPERIOR being. He is smarter,faster,stronger...bla bla. Wolverine has his adamantium skeleton,he can smell better then normal humans and he can heal...SLOWLY. Adamantium claws that Wolverine has CANNOT penetrate Superman's skin. "super smell" won't help him that much ^^. Finally in a real deathmatch fight Wolverine couldn't lay a punch on Kryptonian,he would probably got melted in a second....He couldn't heal that fast...eventually Wolverine would end up in ashes.

What is the duration of Superman vs The Elite?

The duration of Superman vs The Elite is 1.27 hours.

Who would win Superman vs Freddy?


Who would win Superman vs juggernought?


Who would win Superman vs thor?


Who would win Wolverine vs Captain America?

Wolverine, he's the best there is at what he does

When was Superman vs The Elite created?

Superman vs The Elite was created on 2012-06-12.

How many issues does the comic book miniseries Wolverine vs Hulk count?

The comic book miniseries Wolverine vs. Hulk is a 6 issue miniseries. However production of the Wolverine vs. Hulk was suspended after the second issue.

Batman vs superman vs Spiderman who would win?

Superman. Too many super powers.

When did Superman vs. Muhammad Ali happen?

Superman vs. Muhammad Ali happened in 1978.

Who is going to win over Victor Creed vs Wolverine on PSP?

Wolverine will win.

Who would win ms marvel vs superman?


Iron man vs wolverine?

wolverine is stronger because wolverine can beat hulk but iron man cannot. and wolverine has healings and he can beat iron man.

What are the ratings and certificates for Wolverine and the X-Men - 2008 Wolverine vs- Hulk 1-7?

Wolverine and the X-Men - 2008 Wolverine vs- Hulk 1-7 is rated/received certificates of: Australia:PG

Goku vs Superman?


What is the duration of Atom Man vs. Superman?

The duration of Atom Man vs. Superman is 4.2 hours.

Who would win a fight Superman vs Flash?

Superman is stronger, smarter, and faster. Superman.

Who would win Captain America vs Superman?

superman will win.

Who would win Superman and hulk vs chucky?

superman and hulk