Swathes should be how wide?

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3 to 6 inches wide
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How wide should the margins be on a resume?

Advice on margins . Use wide margins, so that the actual resume stands out clearly. I'm being delibeartely vague about the precise width as it's not worth ending up with an extra sheet with only one or two lines on it. You may need to juggle around till you get your resume in apple-pie order.\n. ( Full Answer )

How wide should a fire-exit door be?

wide enough to fit alot of people through at the same time Various building codes and life-safety codes specify the minimum widths, locations and numbers necessary for safe evacuation of occupants from a structure. As a general rule, the number, type and size of fire exits are determined by the ( Full Answer )

How wide should a double car garage be to allow the doors to open?

The 2004 Hummer H1 is 86.5" wide. It is probably the widest production car out there. Therefore, it establishes a suitable maximum for garage size. I figure the doors are probably at least 4' long and must open to a 45 degree angle to be useful. So, sin(45 deg) = door_clearance/48" => door_cle ( Full Answer )

What shoes should you wear with wide leg pants?

\nWide leg pants are amazing with wedges, cute flats, which are on a bit more of the chunky side and skin hugging boots with an interesting point/toe detail.\nPeep toes are cute too, but make sure the heel is not skinny, go for a wider heel!!\nBalance the look off with a large tote or a chunky purse ( Full Answer )

What is a sling and a swath?

Splint injuries: The sling and swath is used for all upper extremities. The sling supports the injured extremity and immobilizes the lower arm, while the swath functionally immobilizes the shoulder and keeps the arm from "chicken winging" outward.

What does swathe mean?

Swathe means "to wrap or bandage". It can also be used as a noun to refer to something that is big or plentiful: "Large swathes of forest interspersed by icy fjords"

How should a wide receiver run?

How a wide receiver should run depends on the type of play that anoffense is running. Different receivers will often run differentroutes from one another as well, depending on what the play is.

Should I play halfback or wide receiver?

half back it is way more fun with wide receiver you usually only get the ball for a few seconds and then you get tackled with half back you can run the ball for some big yards or get a pass for about 5 i played lineman in my second year. then half back in my third i may never go back

What is a wide-on?

A wide on is a joking term for a man to brag about the width of his penis or if he says he has a small penis he can say he's got a wide on, meaning his penis is wider than it is long. Sometime my penis does not get as long as normal when hard but it is always wide. The penis is a remarkable organ, m ( Full Answer )

What does the phrase cut a swath mean?

A swath is the width of cut made by a scythe. The phrase, "To cut a swath" means then to cut a path, reap anything in your path down, etc. It can even mean, to make a big impression.

What is the value of a 1942 German penny with the swath sticker?

Uh, please check a history book. You mean swastika , a good-luck symbol appropriated by the Nazis and now perhaps the most hated emblem on earth. Wartime copper shortages forced Germany to make 1-pfennig coins out of zinc instead of copper so they tended to corrode pretty quickly. A typical coin ( Full Answer )

What is the difference between a swath and a sling?

A sling is used to hold and support an injured limb, typically an arm. However, on its own, a sling does not restrict movement in all directions. A second securement - known as a swath, is therefore used. In the context of an arm sling, a swath is a piece of cloth wrapped over the sling and humeru ( Full Answer )

How wide should bedroom doors be?

Bedroom doors are typically 2' 6" wide. Doors sized for handicap access are 3'-0" wide, and very large homes may have wider doors.

How wide should a sidewalk be?

Different uses different widths. If you are installing a servicewalk around your garage, or similar area 24" wide is adequate. Afront walk or an area where people walking in opposite directionswill occassionaly meet should be 36" wide. A comfortable sidewalkwhere 2 people can walk side by side shoul ( Full Answer )

What is sling and swath?

a sling is what helps to support the extremity. A swath keeps it from swinging.

How wide should a 16 year old male's penis should be?

Penises come in all sizes. I've seen them from little-finger thin (and short) to beer-can thick and very long. In theory, at least, if your penis falls in the middle range, the majority of women will be able to accept it. Even if it's very small or very large, there will be any number of women wh ( Full Answer )

How much is a swath of fabric?

A swatch of fabric is a small piece of cloth that is used asa sample. There is no standard size. A swatch can range from two bytwo inches, to a large handkerchief size.

Should snow tires be narrow or wide?

First, let me give you my experience level...9 years in Alaska, 3 years in upstate New York (Snowtown USA), 3 years in northern Utah (in the mountains where the Olympics were). Let's just say, I have driven in a LOT of snow. Now for the answer I think you are looking for: It depends mostly on the ( Full Answer )

What is Swath Grazing?

Swath grazing is when dry mature cows are allowed to graze swaths of oats, barley, winter wheat or winter rye during the early winter or late winter/early spring. They are on the field and only allowed access to the swaths a little at a time through a method called strip grazing. Temporary electrica ( Full Answer )

What is another word for swath?

wrap envelop bind swaddle bandage cover shroud drape wind enfold sheathe GET A THESAURUS OR LOOK UP THESAURUS OR GO TO THESAURUS.COM, BRO

How wide should a knit shawl be?

Depends on who you're knitting it for. measure the person you're knitting it for and adjust the width of it accordingly.

How wide should you penis be at age 15?

8 inches is small to medium for your age bracket Some people are idiots. Width is going to vary just like length and one doesn't depend on the other. Width or diameter could be 1 inch to 1 1/2 inches. Much more than that would be rare even in an adult. Happens, just like 12 inch ones but rarely.

What are the proper ways of applying a sling and swath?

Apply Sling (supports arm from below): 1. Tie knot in corner of triangular bandage - place knot under elbow 2. Extend bandage to support under forearm 3. Take one end of bandage behind patient's neck and the other in front 4. Tie off the 2 ends on back of neck w/piece of gauze to preven ( Full Answer )

How wide should a carpet runner be?

The standard carpet runner is generally 26" to 27" wide. Although often in wide hallways or in commercial settings they can be wider.

Reasons why death penalty should be legalised world wide?

The death penalty is the only just sentence for a person who has cruelly taken the life of another. If every citizen is informed of the penalty for murder, and then a man commits murder anyway, he condemns himself to death and removes himself from the community. The death penalty guarantees that a v ( Full Answer )

What is satellite swath?

The area of the earth which is imaged during a satellite orbit is referred to as the satellite swath and can range in width from ten to hundreds ofkilometers. As the satellite orbits the earth a different area is covered due to the earth's rotation. The elevation of the satellite orbit is designed s ( Full Answer )

How wide should your wakeboard be?

This depends on your weight and level of experience. Wider boards are better suited to beginners or heavier riders. Check the sizing charts provided by board manufacturers and choose accordingly.

How wide should a backdoor be?

Rear entry doors should be at least 32" but if you do not have a 36" door in your home putting that in may be the better choice to allow furniture and appliances to pass easier through the opening. Keep in mind that those are dimensions of the actual door your framed opening needs to be 2" larger th ( Full Answer )

How wide should a kitchen island be?

it depends on how big your kitchen is. Our kitchen is maybe 12 or 13 feet squared, 2/4 of it kitchen essentials. we don't have an island, but if we did we would get rid of our counter top. our counter top is 3 feet maybe. I'm no carpenter or whatever but do measurements. Make it a fraction of how bi ( Full Answer )

How heavy should a 7th grade wide receiver be?

Weight doesn't matter a wide receiver should be able to catch and run if u can do both then it shouldn't matter if ur as big or bigger than some guys on the line then u should be a tight end Hope I helped

How tall should a 13 year old wide receiver be?

The good thing about being a wide receiver is that if your fast you can be any size. I'm 13 and I'm 5 foot 9 inches and 140 pounds and I'm not fat and I'm a wide receiver

What type of blouse should you wear with wide leg pants?

I think a nice fitted shirt would be appropriate when wearing wide leg pants. Large shirts with flaring arms creates more of a balloon effect. Making you look larger than you are! Keep wide legs simple too, no flowers, no stripes, no plaids.

Why is condoms should be distributed world wide to both young and eldery people?

condoms should be distributed to both mentioned groups because,they play an important role in the reduction of HIV/AIDS in the world .This is that in the sense that when there is copulation between to people man and woman, it enables body contact of sexual organs-Ephraim Mulambwa kamizhi

Why should very old cribs with wide slats NOT be used today?

Old cribs with WIDE slats pose a safety risk to babies and toddlers. They can get their head through the slat, but cannot get their head back out of the slat. They can strangle themselves with their head through the slat.

How should wide plank flooring be cared for to ensure longevity?

To ensure longevity, one should sweep or dust the floor frequently. A wet mop should not be used and any spills should be cleaned immediately. Heavy objects should not be moved across the floor. Floor cleaners made especially for wood floors should be used.

On average how wide should a golf driving range be?

Since a golf driving range is for practice there is no set size for a range. However, you probably want at least 100 yards (or meters) wide and much deeper than that, say 300 yards. The wider your driving range the more room on it for golfers to practice and the greater your income. In Japan, due ( Full Answer )