Symptoms of one week pregnant

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You do not develop symptoms until being 2 weeks pregnant. And even then symptoms may not show at all. I would wait until 6 weeks to take a pregnancy test. Good Luck.

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Q: Symptoms of one week pregnant
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Can you have pregnancy symptoms at one week pregnant?

Yes! If you are in tune with your body.

What are the signs of a weak pregnancy?

At 1 week pregnant, there are no symptoms.

Could you be pregnant if your period is a week late and a test was negative but you don't have any menstrual symptoms?

If you are pregnant you usually get some menstrual symptoms. As you are not getting these it is possible you didn't ovulate this month. Take another test in a week as you may be pregnant, not everyone has symptoms.

At what day or week can one know she is pregnant?

You can get symptoms within a week, but to be on the safe side take a pregnancy test After about 40 weeks, during a process known to most as labor, one will know for sure if he/she is pregnant. Good Luck!

Could it be possible that im starting to show I'M one week pregnant?

If you have some symptoms than it could be possible.

What symptoms would one be experiencing whilst 11 weeks pregnant?

The pregnancy symptoms in the 11th week are morning sickness. Probably in the early second term, it is excessive saliva and there are hormonal changes during this week as well.

Can one be pregnant and not have any symptoms?

Yes. YES, one can be pregnant and not have any symptoms . I was two months when I found out I was pregnant and didn't have any symptoms not even a missed period. One day I went to the doctor for a regular checkup and the doctor told me I was pregnant.

Chances of being pregnant if you have symptoms such as 1 week late on period extreme increase in discharge bloated stomach increased urination tired all the time and increased appetite?

symptoms at one week late would not be anything other than bloating. the symptoms that you listed seem to be more towards stress. remember though it is possible to have a period while pregnant and you may have already been pregnant.

On a scale of one to ten how bad should your cramping be at one week pregnant?

Not bad at all because you shouldn't really have any many symptoms, if any

Is it possible to be pregnant if your period is a week late but you have symptoms of pregnancy?

Yes you could be pregnant if you are having unprotected sex. Symptoms are usually nausea, vomiting, and breast tenderness. If you are pregnant, you could be threatening to have a misscarriage, or not pregnant and having a late period.

Could you be pregnant if you were a week late and then spotted lightly but still have all the symptoms of pregnancy?


Can pregnancy symptoms start when you are a week pregnant?

No, that would be too early. The earliest pregnancy symptoms would occur is 2 weeks after sex

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