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Q: Ted Williams model 21 12ga pump shotgun?
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Price for steven savage model 77e 12ga pump shotgun?

$75-$125 depending on condition.

What is the value of a 20 gauge Sears Roebuck Ted Williams Model 21 pump shotgun?

There was one at an on-line auction but it was a 12ga. It went for $160. It was Aumann's auction or something like that.

What is the value of a winchester model 12 -12ga shotgun sn 265347?

With the serial number that you have supplied,your Winchester model 12 pump action shotgun was made in the year 1921.

How old is your Winchester mod1912-12ga shotgun?

I cannot provide a answer unless you include the serial number to your Winchester model 12 pump action shotgun.

What model is a Marlin pump action 12ga shotgun with an exposed hammer?

Model 49, 3000 made form 1925 to 1928 only

What name Brand is the Ted Williams model 200?

If its a pump shotgun its a Winchester 1200

Where can you get information on wardswesternfield model 30sb662a 12ga pump shotgun serial 87354?

you may find some info at the savage arms website.This was the maker of your shotgun,savage/stevens.

What is value of Winchester Model1912 12ga Serial 54748 pump shotgun?

If your Winchester model 1912 pump action shotgun,which was made in the year 1914 is a standard model model 12 shotgun with no cutts compensator attched to the barrel and has a original finish of between 60%-90%.Then you may expect to get between 275-475 dollars.

What is the age of a Winchester model12 12GA sn734721?

Your serial number indicates that your Winchester model 12 pump action shotgun was made in the year 1937.

Savage Model 30E shotgun?

yes they made one, i have and love one, it is a 12ga pump-action with a tang mounted saftey, nice for lefties

Who was the original manufacturer of the wards western field 12GA shotgun pump 28 vented rib barrel model 60-sb620-a?

It's a Stevens 620.

What is Winchester 12g pump model?

A pump shotgun.

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