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Bouji has nothing to do with sex or jewelry as the others answers stated. Bouji is a verb. It means "to be fake; pretentious". Often times it will be used to talk about a person who thinks very highly of themselves over others. For instance, "I hate how Jane flashes her fancy car. She's so bouji. "

Bouji is actually a degradation of the word bourgeoise, from French meaning middle or upper middle class.

To be more specific, it referred to a merchant class which had earned their way into middle /upper class, but lacked the culture/nobility/attitude of the 'old money'. This was a newer development in the feudal society, which had previously just had the 'noble rich' and underclass poor. Bourgeoisie is often associated with people who attempt to show off their newly acquired wealth with flashy and ostentatious displays (ie: chrome rims), or who act overly pious about their success (as opposed to old-money people who are used to it and don't feel the need to show off as much). In hip-hip 'bouji' typically refers to formerly poor people who, upon getting money, let it get to their head and think they are better than everyone else.

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Q: Tell you meaning of bouji in American slang?
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