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North Vietnam north of the Z, and South Vietnam south of the Z.

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They were divided along the 17th Parallel, with a one-mile DMZ between them.

The DMZ, or Demilitarized Zone between North and South Vietnam was along the 17th Parallel Line.

The 17th parallel division between North and South Vietnam was the result of a Chinese proposal at the Geneva Conference of 1954 which ended the French war in Vietnam. China did not want a strong, unified Vietnam on its southern border and easily convinced the great powers to go along with their proposal. Ho Chi Minh was dependent on Chinese aid and had to go along. Elections were scheduled for 1956, but South Vietnam, which did not sign the Geneva Accord, refused to participate.

Korea is divided along the 38th Parallel.

The Korean peninsula was initially divided along the 38th parallel, and the along the demarcation line.

The country that was divided along the 38th parallel was the country of Korea. This division was done after World War 2 ended.

The 'Demilitarized Zone" separating North and South Vietnam was along the 17th parallel from 1954 until South Vietnam surrendered to the North in April, 1975.

Korea had been divided along the 38th parallel.

North and South Korea along the 38th parallel.

The country was divided along the 38th parallel as a result of the Korean war, 1950-1953.

They are divided along the 38th parallel, it cuts the penisula roughly in half

Korea. Although there was conflict in Vietnam against the French in the 1950s, it is more associated with the intervention of the US in the 1960s... Korea was 1950 to 1953. Effectively the UN (US & British mainly) against the Chinese backed North Koreans. Korea is still divided along the 38th Parallel.

After the first Indochina war, Vietnam was divided into two nations, North Vietnam (Communist) and South Vietnam (anti-Communist), based on the Geneva Accord. After South Vietnam's army fell at the end of the Vietnam War, the two countries became one.Note: Korea was also divided into two nations following World War 2, but the division was based on plans developed by the United Nations which partitioned the country along the 38th parallel, with the Soviet Union adminstering the northern part and the United States administering the southern part. The politics of the Cold War resulted in the 1948 establishment of two separate governments, North Korea and South Korea.

The Geneva agreement was held the day after Dien Bien Phu fell. President Eisenhower wanted the French to keep fighting, however the French had had enough. Ho chi Minh, the communist leader of North Vietnam, was extremely popular throughout the whole of Vietnam. this is why the Vietminh wanted early elections so the people of Vietnam could elect Ho Chi Minh. The Western powers were worried about Ho Chi Minh's poularity, and therefore wanted a long delay. They agreed on deviding Vietnam along the 17th parallel and decide an election should take place two years later. This election never came.

Parallel forces are those that act in the same direction along parallel lines. As such, these forces do not meet.

North Vietnam along with it's Southern guerillas living in South Vietnam (VC).

Vindhyachal Range and Satpura Range run parallel along the mid section of India and divide it in North and South

The Oregon Tready and the Louisiana Purchase have a border along the 49th parallel of latitude.

No , Korea had been divided along the 38th Parallel with the North coming under the control of Russian forces .

No, the Vietnam War was fought in South and North Vietnam, the adjacent waters, as well as along the Vietnam borders in Cambodia and Laos.

France invaded Vietnam in 1858 and completed its conquest of Southern Vietnam in 1867 which became the French colony of Cochinchina. However, Northern and Central Vietnam were still untouched. France began to move into Northern Vietnam in 1873 and finally established control over the area along with Central Vietnam in 1885 when the Vietnamese Nguyen Dynasty surrendered. In 1885, France occupied the whole Vietnam and divided the country into 3 regions: Northern and Central were French protectorates, but Southern Vietnam was a colony proper.

It was divided between a Soviet-led North Korea and an American-led South Korea along the 38th parallel. Please see the Related Link for more information.

in Vietnam along the A Shaw valley in the border mountains of Vietnam and Laos.

North and South Korea were divided along a line generally described by the 38th parallel. That line, the MDL or Military Demarcation Line, is at the center of the DMZ or Demilitarized Zone. A little known fact about the Korean War is that a state of war technically still exists, since there was no formal peace treaty, merely a cessation of hostilities or ceasefire.

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